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Stakeout Survey or Construction Layout

A Stakeout survey or construction layout for new construction of a home and/or dwelling, or an addition for a remodel shows builders where to place the proposed foundation in relation to the boundary of the property. The stakeout survey’s main purpose is to consider the building setbacks in relation to the properties boundaries to ensure proper placement based on plot plan/site plan that Polysurveying typically provides for its clientele.

There are two main forms of Stakeout surveys performed depending on which sector it falls within. We perform stakeout surveys for standard residential subdivision lots for our homebuilding sector, as well as, for our clients in the build to rent or commercial sector looking to create comprehensive developments in the form of townhomes, apartments, and other home developments that are turnkey developments for investment groups.

For residential surveys, the surveyor performs a boundary and layout the proposed foundation or addition in the form of rebars, stakes, etc. that are physically marked on the property to show builders where the footprint of the building is located. We then produce a survey drawing or map of the footprint markings of the building location and this is the actual survey for your records. A follow-up to this survey in the form of a foundation or final/closing is highly recommended, to ensure the home or building is in the correct location. Most lenders and permitting jurisdictions would require this to ensure that the home was built in compliance with local regulations.

At Polysurveying we understand the need to get your home coming out of the ground with speed and efficiency to have your project a success from start to finish.

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Before you take the plunge and start construction on a new home or add in a new building, addition, or even a fence to your property, get in touch with Polysurveying to ensure everything is up to date and accurate about your boundaries and the extent of your land. Don’t leave room for any surprises.

Our team is highly trained with a wealth of collective experience between them. We stay on top of updates and technology in our industry, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any land surveyors in Mississippi better suited to help. We’ll take some worry off your plate and make building or defining your property lines a breeze - all without the old invasive methods of the past.

Let Polysurveying be your trusted partner during your next build or mapping job. Even though we’re based in Mobile, Alabama, we’re thrilled to serve residents of multiple Mississippi counties and cities.

We also offer free estimates, so you’re not going in blind and worried about hidden costs. If you’re in one of our Mississippi service areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quote. Use our Contact Form or give us a call. We’ll get you prepared to buy, sell, build, or just peacefully enjoy your land knowing it’s properly laid out.

Talk to us about what you hope to accomplish, ask about payment options, and let us know what’s on your mind. Polysurveying is here for all your site surveying and boundary surveying needs in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties! We pride ourselves on our customer service just as much as our surveying ability, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Here at Polysurveying, we’re equipped to handle all your land surveying jobs and projects in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi & Georgia. We provide free quotes to anyone looking for land surveying services.


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