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Foundation Survey / Form Check

A foundation survey or form check is performed to show the location in respect to the property lines, known easements, and known setback lines to ensure that the home and/or commercial building was built in compliance with local regulations. Most builders want to get a form survey the location of the foundation is checked prior to the placement of any significant material is installed as a quality control check and can save against costly mistakes that have been known to occur during construction. The foundation survey can also be needed for lenders, mortgages and permitting checklist requirements and often must be certified to the entity providing funding. If a lender is asking the owner/surveyor to certify to them, the surveyor must produce a survey with clear certifications to owner, lender, and mortgage company to ensure number one that the property is on the correct property and show that it meets local permitting requirements. This ensures the lender that the borrower is getting lending on the property in question and protects all parties by having a survey certified by Polysurveying.

Foundation Survey Form Check
If a permitting jurisdiction is involved, they may require certain elevation components in terms of heights of Finished Floor Elevation of the home or building to be depicted in relation to a known point or distance above the crown of the road. Many jurisdictions are moving to require a minimum of 12” inches above the highest projected point of the crown of the road to eliminate potential flooding or drainage that could affect homes being built in the area. We continue to see this requirement throughout all of our work areas and highly recommended to our builders and individuals to consider as a quality control measure. Remember that a quality control check can save thousands and not to mention time when building that next home and if there is a doubt on location and height of foundation during construction this foundation or form check survey can provide you peace of mind that your project is a success.
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