What Key Benefits Does a Topographic Survey Provide?

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If you are planning on doing any improvements, construction or sale of land you own in the near future, you should consider getting a topographic survey done. This is an important tool to eliminate many unanswered questions you may have about your land, as well as discover unknown facets, both positive and negative, that will be important to any future plans you may have for your property.

There are many benefits a topographic survey can provide. Here’s some more information about this type of survey, as well as why you may need one.

What is a topographic survey?

Also called a “topo survey,” a topographic survey is performed in order to identify and demarcate the natural and manmade features on a parcel of land. This goes beyond the work performed for standard land surveying in that it also records more information.

For example, a topographic survey will include the elevation changes of the surface of the area. It also records features that might not be visible to the naked eye, including manmade underground features like utility lines. It also includes above-ground manmade features like buildings, utility poles and more.

Property sale

If you are buying or selling a piece of land, regardless of whether it contains a building or not, a topographic survey can be a very useful piece of information. In fact, it may even be required by one or both parties for the sale to commence.

Benefits of topographic surveying

Topographic surveying has many benefits. The information gleaned from this type of survey can help make good decisions surrounding development of a piece of land and can help accurately assess the possibility of issues arising from unforeseen problems like natural disasters.

A topo survey will help give an in-depth picture of a piece of land, from underground to above ground and everything in between. This also makes a good basis for comparison should you need to know how the land changes throughout the years over different seasons, or for historical comparisons in the years to come.

Another benefit of a topographic survey is that it takes a lot of the guesswork out of construction. If you are planning to do any building on your land, having more information about the land and the structures on and below it means you can plan more efficiently and possibly save money on the total construction cost.

Contact professional surveyors today

There are many different tools and techniques used to complete a topographic survey. This is something that requires a lot of expertise and experience to do correctly. There may be a need for aerial drones to do some of the surveying work, and there may be a need for underground mapping as well. This work will also need the use of a sophisticated GIS (geographic information system) to complete the final report for your project.

When you need a topographic survey, it’s important to work with professionals who have the right kind of experience, equipment and knowledge for your project. To get started on your topographic survey, contact the experienced team at Polysurveying today.

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