What Does a Land Surveyor Do?

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Professional land surveyors have an important responsibility to produce accurate and high-quality work. Maps and land data compiled by a land surveying team are often considered legally binding. Because the job must be thorough, there are many tasks a professional land surveyor will handle in the course of their duties.

The goal of land surveying is to update boundary lines and prepare a site for construction. Land surveying can also be useful for helping resolve or prevent legal disputes regarding property boundaries. Here’s some more information about land surveying and what a land surveyor does.

Responsibilities of a land surveyor

The work of a land surveyor isn’t just about taking measurements in the field. There are many facets of the work that take place off-site. One of the pieces to the land surveying puzzle involves accurately recording and putting together a record of the history of a given parcel of land.

This may include history of buildings on the land, as well as information from previous land surveys. It may also include information about the sale of a parcel throughout its history, as well as noting what has changed since the prior survey.

There is also, of course, the field work of land surveying to consider. This involves working with special tools to gather accurate data. This includes GPS equipment that records location information using satellite data. The process often requires a team of people to complete the work.

Duties of a land surveyor

A land surveyor performs many duties in the course of their work. These duties include:

  • Taking measurements: Measuring distance and angles between points on the ground.
  • Recording location information: Determining exact locations of important features using known reference points.
  • Keeping official records: Researching history of survey records and title deeds for a given parcel of land.
  • Making reports: Preparing maps, plots and historical data for a comprehensive report.

Requirements to work as a land surveyor

To become a land surveyor, there may be different regulations that apply to different aspects of the job. There also may be different requirements from state to state. Most positions in the land surveying industry require at least a high school diploma, and many require a college degree.

Previous experience or education in math, including algebra, trigonometry and geometry, are essential for a professional land surveyor. It’s also good to have experience with drafting and computers, as that is a big part of the job.

For more advanced positions in professional land surveying work, a college degree may be required. Studies in the fields of geography, cartography and engineering may provide the right type of experience needed to become a professional land surveyor.

If you need land surveying work done, whether on an existing property or on one you’re thinking of purchasing, it’s important to work with a company that has a reputation for thorough and accurate work. When you need the best land surveying professionals for your project, contact the experienced team at Polysurveying today. We will complete a custom report for your project on time and on budget.

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