What’s the Job of a Land Surveyor Following a Natural Disaster?

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Natural disasters are terrible occurrences and can happen all over the country. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and other types of natural disasters can cause unspeakable damage to neighborhoods and towns. Some natural disasters can even decimate entire cities. Often, areas victimized by natural disasters will have a lot to rebuild. This is where land surveyors come in.

A land surveyor performs many duties following a natural disaster, including redetermining boundary lines, solving conflicts and much more. Land surveyors are an essential part of rebuilding following a natural disaster. Read on to learn more about land surveying and its role in dealing with natural disasters of all types.

Find changes in elevation

Elevation is a major concern for many homeowners. In fact, many homeowners buy their homes based at least in part on its elevation. In areas with a high potential for flooding, for example, homeowners will try and find property at a higher elevation. This is a good idea because it helps prevent the possibility of water damage and mold growth in their homes. However, natural disasters can sometimes change all that.

There are several types of natural disasters that could cause changes in elevation, including landslides and earthquakes. While a building may have sat in one spot before a natural disaster, it might be dangerous to rebuild in the same spot if the land’s elevation has changed. Changes in elevation could also mean that a certain spot is now more prone to flooding. It’s the job of a land surveyor to make sure any plot of land is safe before construction starts.

Redetermining property boundaries

One of the most important jobs a land surveyor has following a natural disaster is redetermining property lines. This is because property owners may have trouble determining the precise location of their property boundaries after a natural disaster. This especially true in the cases of flooding and landslides. Land surveyors can help significantly during these situations. A good land surveyor will utilize proper research techniques, visual examinations and a variety of other methods to redetermine these boundaries. With an exact land survey, property owners can build in the proper spot.

Conflict management

People will likely be on edge following a natural disaster. This could cause major disputes between neighbors, especially when it comes to property lines. Earthquakes and similar natural disasters may make it hard for neighbors to determine their property lines, so it’s often the job of a land surveyor to come in and help resolve this conflict. Land surveyors will use their expertise to determine where one neighbor’s property ends and the other’s begins.

Land surveying is often necessary for properties that have recently experienced a flood, hurricane or other type of natural disaster. This survey will help settle disputes with neighbors and determine the best spots to start rebuilding. Be sure to work with a reputable land surveyor who will offer you a fair price for excellent service.

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