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There are many benefits to getting a land survey when selling your property. Having an exact measurement of your land will make selling it much easier. Buyers like transparency when it comes to properties they’re considering, and a good land survey could help offer just that.

Common types of land surveys include location surveys, boundary surveys, construction surveys and more. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about land surveys and how they could benefit the sale of your property. If you’re interested in having a land survey conducted on your land before proceeding with a sale, be sure to reach out to a reputable land surveyor in your area.

What is land surveying?

Land surveying often comes in the form of a location survey or boundary survey. Location surveys are often required during the closing process of buying a home. During this type of survey, a surveyor will determine property lines and find information on any improvements made to the land. Having an official record of any improvements made to your property may allow you to sell for more money. It’s important to note that location surveys often cost several hundred dollars.

Another common type of land survey is a boundary survey. Surveyors conducting a boundary survey will determine the exact property lines. They will do research on the property as well as perform a visual inspection. For the most part, a boundary survey is required for construction permits and can cost several thousand dollars in some cases.

You want an exact measurement

Working with a professional land surveyor will ensure you get an exact measurement of your land. When you’re unsure about the exact measurement of your property, you could end up selling for less money than it’s worth. Knowing the precise measurement will also help avoid later issues with your buyer.

Having an exact measurement on hand will likely entice buyers to strongly consider your property. With this measurement, buyers will be able to plan exactly what they want to do with the land after purchasing.

Other benefits of a land survey

There are several other benefits to getting a land survey in addition to receiving an exact measurement of your property. Land surveys will also make you aware of any easements, wells, rivers and other “extras” on your land. Having this information may help you determine a better sale price for your property.

Is a land survey required?

A land survey isn’t required when buying or selling a plot of land, although it’s highly recommended. As mentioned above, a good land survey offers transparency about a property that you just can’t get from simply looking at it. Land surveys can also be instrumental in ensuring everything on your property is up to code.

Hopefully, you now know the importance of land surveys when it comes to selling and buying property. If you’re thinking about selling your home, strongly consider getting a land survey. This could help you get more money for your land than you were expecting!

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