Is a Survey Required in Alabama?

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Where are your property boundaries? That might seem obvious, especially if you’ve been living in the area for a long time, but owners find themselves surprised more often than you might expect. When they go to sell, they may find out that their property boundaries are completely different than what they were promised.

Alternatively, property line disputes can crop up when old neighbors move out and new ones move in. You might find out that you’ve been encroaching on their property, don’t have the easements you think you did or may even lack legal road access. There are dozens of reasons to hire a land surveyor in Alabama.

However, getting a land survey isn’t required by law. While your title or mortgage company might insist on getting one before they’ll assist with your land transfer, there’s no law that says you must have one. Still, it’s good practice. Here’s why you should hire a land surveyor—and also why you should take care to find the best one for the job.

What qualifies someone to be a land surveyor?

When you’re looking for a land surveyor, make sure that you work with a licensed professional. This means that they’ve passed two national board exams and one state-specific exam. More than that, look for someone who seems to understand the process and exactly what you need out of it.

For example, some surveys will go beyond property boundaries to measure topography, gauge suitability for certain structures or even map large parcels of land. Make sure the surveyor you choose has experience in these specific areas.

It’s also helpful if they’re knowledgeable about property law, including issues like riparian rights, flood plains, adverse possession and more. It’s worth getting a surveyor whose knowledge goes above and beyond the minimum.

Why hire a land surveyor?

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a land surveyor:

  • Learn about your property: Many companies hire land surveyors to provide information about their property, such as natural features, easements, suitability for building and other important concerns. The more you understand about a parcel, the better choices you can make, from buying the piece of land to deciding where to build and what to build.
  • Get the exact boundaries defined: Of course, knowing exactly where your property boundaries lie is crucial. Much of rural Alabama has never been surveyed, and surveys from 30 to 40 years ago may be inaccurate. After all, many rely on survey pins to delineate boundaries—but it’s all too easy to move pins. Never assume you can rely on a previous owner’s survey.
  • End disputes with neighbors: Unfortunately, disputes with neighbors can arise regarding property boundaries. You might think that stream or pond is on your property, only to find out that you’ve been accidentally trespassing for the last 10 years. Surveys are also necessary when it comes to things like road access, utility easements and mineral rights. It’s important to know exactly who owns what.

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