How to Find a Professional Land Surveyor

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Imagine buying a piece of property, building on it… and then finding out later that your brand-new building is actually 10 feet over the property line. That’s an expensive mistake—and it’s exactly what can happen if you don’t hire a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL. Surveyors have a number of different ways they map the terrain and property boundaries, so you can get exactly the information you need about the land. That includes whether the property is as big as you believe and located where you think it is.

Different ways to find a professional land surveyor

Finding a land surveyor doesn’t have to be a difficult task. There are searchable databases, like this list of land surveyors in Alabama. If you want a more personalized experience, however, the tips below can help you find the right surveyor for you:

  • Before you begin: It’s helpful to gather all the information about the property before you begin. Get out your closing papers. These should include plot maps and basic property descriptions. The closing papers may be able to answer any questions about boundaries, but if not, you can move to the next steps on this list. Keep your property information handy for when you’re talking to the title company, realtors and surveyors.
  • Call your title company: You can talk to your title company about the property—sometimes they’re able to answer questions about boundaries and easements over the phone. If your surveying needs are more complex, or the people you call don’t have the answers, ask them to recommend a professional surveyor in your area. They’re usually happy to make recommendations, especially since they work closely with surveyors on a regular basis.
  • Talk to your realtor: Another smart way to get a personalized recommendation is to talk to your realtor, especially if they sold you this specific property. Sometimes realtors can help you find simple boundary information. They will also be able to recommend a professional land surveying firm, since they work alongside surveyors on a regular basis.
  • Call from the list: Finally, you can work off a list like the one at the link above. Visit each surveyor’s website or call the firm to find out exactly what kind of surveys they perform, and what their availability may be. Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities to a few surveyors you like, compare their prices, availability and other important factors. You can also check their reviews online or with the Better Business Bureau. That will give you a sense of their quality of work and overall customer satisfaction. Look for an overall pattern in the reviews to gauge their suitability.

Finding a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL is easy when you follow the tips above. Treat it like you would you treat hiring any other professional, like a lawyer or real estate agent. Once you’ve vetted them, you can be comfortable that they’ll do the job appropriately.

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