Four Benefits of Using Drones for Surveying

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Surveying technology has come a long way in the last several decades, and new advancements continue to make surveying more accurate and efficient. One of the most important technological developments in surveying is the use of drones. Drones offer all kinds of great benefits for surveying that can improve outcomes for property owners and speed up the surveying process while promoting better accuracy. Keep reading to learn more about aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL and the benefits of this technology in the surveying industry.

Aerial drones are devices that are designed to capture images and take measurements from the air during the surveying process. Surveyors typically use drones in addition to other surveying tools and methods to create a more complete picture of a property and offer more detailed information and data to property owners. Aerial drones are equipped with cameras and sensors to take images and calculate different property dimensions and characteristics. Here are four of the biggest benefits of using aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL:

  • No need to interrupt site use: To survey on the ground, surveyors typically need to interrupt activity on the lot. Using a drone, there’s no need to halt activity on the site, and that can make it a lot easier for property owners to complete projects without any interruption of their use of the site while it’s being surveyed.
  • Improved accuracy: Another big benefit of using aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL is that it offers improved accuracy. During a survey, drones capture thousands of photos and data points from different locations and angles to get as much information as possible about a property. The data captured by drones can be used to create a 3D map of a piece of property that includes accurate topographical and dimensional information. This mapping data can make it much easier for property owners to plan projects and developments on challenging properties.
  • Better safety for surveyors: There may be many areas of a property that are dangerous for a surveyor to traverse due to difficult topography or other hazards. Aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL is a great way to access those areas and capture accurate data while protecting the safety of surveying professionals.
  • Faster turnaround time: Aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL can be conducted relatively quickly. Drone surveys can be done up to five times faster than traditional surveys, allowing property owners to get their surveying results more quickly and keep project timelines on track. The reduced manhours needed for drone surveying also means surveying costs will be lower.

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