What You Need to Know About Surveying Robots

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From manufacturing to finance, every industry is becoming more and more automated these days. Although it’s not talked about as often, field surveying is also becoming increasingly automated with the use of advanced robots. Continue reading to learn more about these robots and how a real estate surveyor in Mobile, AL can use them.

The different types of robots

The first surveying robots were developed about 25 years ago. They were bots mounted with total stations and other surveying gear that allowed them to measure an area with greater precision than a human. While some of today’s robots have the same functionality, surveyors have more advanced models at their disposal.

Many reputable surveying companies—including our team at Polysurveying—employ aerial drones to capture a holistic view of an area. In addition to getting a broad view of the land we’re surveying, drones allow us to perform a 3D boundary analysis. The only downside of our drones is that they can’t navigate interior structures, which is a crucial part of some surveying projects.

While flying over an area provides helpful insights, it’s still essential for a surveyor to walk around the plot. Nowadays, surveyors can mount a 360-degree camera to their hardhat that maps the area while tracking their steps using GPS. This blend of human interaction and robot automation is invaluable for any surveyor.

The robotics company Boston Dynamics is working on a robot called SpotWalk that’s more advanced than anything we’ve seen before. This machine is able to walk around an area without any assistance. While this will save a surveyor a ton of time, it cuts out that crucial human element.

The benefits of utilizing robots

A real estate surveyor in Mobile, AL wouldn’t invest thousands of dollars in robotics if they didn’t make a real difference! Here are a few of the ways robots help surveyors and their clients:

  • Faster results: The faster a survey can be completed, the better. Because they’re able to perform tasks much quicker than a human could, robots can speed up any surveying project. Faster results are better for our clients as well as for us.
  • More accurate surveys: We’d never sacrifice quality for speed. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that when we use robots for our surveys. With robots, there’s no chance of human error that results in an inaccurate survey.
  • Consistent results: Unless the machine malfunctions, we can count on our robots to deliver consistent results every time we put them in the field. This consistency allows us to track a project’s development each time we bring it to a construction site.

Hire our team for your surveying needs

Whether you need someone to survey a plot of land for a new construction project, to define boundary lines or something else entirely, call Polysurveying. With nearly five decades of experience and a wide range of services, we’re a premier real estate surveyor in Mobile, AL. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for your next project.

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