Six Common Reasons to Hire a Surveyor

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One of the best things about surveyors is that we’re not one-trick ponies. A professional surveyor in Mobile, AL wears many different hats, performing all sorts of tasks depending on the day and the project. Continue reading to learn a few of the things we can do for our clients.

Boundary lines

Identifying boundary lines is one of a surveyor’s most common tasks. Defining correct property lines is important for a number of reasons. Which neighbor is responsible for removing a dead tree? Can you build your fence, or is that your neighbor’s land? A boundary line survey can answer any question you have about your property.

A surveyor can be hired by an individual, a company or a lawyer depending on whether it’s a general inquiry or a dispute between different parties.

Land purchase or sale

We’re often hired by people who are buying or selling a piece of land. In fact, banks and mortgage companies typically require a survey before approving funding. A professional survey ensures the deed has all of the correct information and can help avoid boundary line disputes.

Just be sure to hire a reputable professional surveyor in Mobile, AL for this job (and any others). Hiring an underqualified team may lead to inaccurate results.

New construction

Before you even think about bringing in a construction crew to build a structure, you need to hire a surveyor to take a look at the parcel. This construction survey will tell you what you’re able to build and where you can build it.

Neglecting to get a land survey before beginning construction can lead to structural problems or even legal troubles down the road.

Existing improvements

A surveyor also needs to come in if you’re making any improvements to your home or commercial building. Like the construction survey, this one will ensure that the upgrades or repairs aren’t in violation of any laws. A few of the violations we look out for include height, dimension, building lines and parking.

Utility lines

Above-ground wires and telephone poles are easy enough to spot on your own, but it’s impossible to know what’s under your feet without the help of a surveyor. A surveyor is often able to identify the precise location of underground electrical lines, pipes and any other utility.

Knowing this information is crucial for new construction projects, some improvements and even planting trees in your yard.

Zoning classification

You should already know whether your land is zoned for residential or commercial use, but knowing your specific zoning classification is even more important, as it defines what restrictions are in place on your property. A land surveyor is your best resource in figuring out classification. If you get some bad news, you’ll need to hire a lawyer to help you reclassify.

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