A Brief Guide to Land Surveying

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You’ve probably seen teams of professionals out in a field studying the terrain and using a variety of different tools to take measurements. These people are land surveyors, and they perform these tasks day in and day out.

Because we’re passionate about land surveying in Mobile, AL and we know many people are unfamiliar with the industry, we put together this post to teach you a few things about our jobs. Continue reading to learn a little more about our field.

Who are land surveyors?

A land surveyor is a specialist who uses tools like GPS systems, prisms and advanced software to establish property boundaries or determine features of a parcel of land. Before becoming licensed by the state, a surveyor must go to school to study math, engineering, physics and even some elements of the law.

The qualifications for becoming a certified land surveyor vary from state to state, but in Alabama, applicants need 30 semester hours of land surveying courses in addition to four years of field experience.

Why have land surveyed?

Property owners, sellers or buyers may need to have their land surveyed for a variety of reasons. A survey is typically requested when someone is purchasing or selling land, when land is being divided or when improvements are being made to a property. A qualified surveyor can also help settle disputes over property lines if someone suspects a neighbor of encroaching on their land.

The different types of surveys

As we touched on above, there are a few kinds of surveys that a surveyor may perform. These are a few of the main jobs your land surveyor can tackle:

  • Mortgage location survey: A mortgage location survey (or MLS) is requested by a lender or title insurer. They’re used to provide proof that certain improvements were made to a parcel of land. These improvements can include things like fences, septic systems or additional utility lines.
  • ALTA/ACSM survey: Because it’s based on standards set by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, an ALTA/ACSM survey is one of the most accurate surveys available. These are contracted by the lender, title company or attorneys before commercial property purchases or improvements.
  • Boundary survey: As the name suggests, this type of land surveying in Mobile, AL identifies a property’s boundary lines. Before any permits are obtained or construction begins, a land surveyor must head out to the field to perform this survey. Along with taking field measurements, the surveyor will perform additional research by looking up public records.
  • Topographic survey: Before making any improvements to a residential or commercial lot, a property owner will often hire a land surveyor to perform a topographic survey. This process involves taking measurements of land elevations to ensure there aren’t any hiccups during construction.

Talk to our team about scheduling a land survey

Whether you need land surveying in Mobile, AL for commercial or residential purposes, call our pros at Polysurveying. With over four decades of industry experience, you can trust that we’ll do the job right the first time.

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