The Benefits of Aerial Drone Surveys

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When people think of a land surveyor, they often visualize a person peering through some type of lens mounted on a tripod. However, surveys have evolved far beyond traditional measuring instruments. Aerial drone surveying has rapidly become the preferred method in recent years for many reasons. Take a look at why surveyors in Mobile, AL have started collecting topographical data with drones.

Collect accurate data

Aerial drone surveying is known for its high degree of accuracy. Drones contain sensors that scan a piece of property and record thousands more data points compared to traditional land surveys. Their cameras take pictures and record videos so clients have a frame of reference for those data points. Unlike other surveying methods, drone surveys not only collect data but illustrate how they map onto the property.

The pictures and videos recorded with a drone allow surveyors to create 3D models of the landscape. These models guide the construction process by portraying a more accurate picture of how the infrastructure should look. Visual representations of property development also help city planners advertise upcoming infrastructure to the general public. The residents of Mobile, AL care about how the finished product will look, not the data points from a survey.

Maximize efficiency

Traditional surveys conducted on the ground take significantly longer to complete than aerial drone surveying. A drone is the best piece of equipment at a surveyor’s disposal because it reduces a week-long project down to mere hours. Drones expedite the planning stage of a construction project, allowing builders to break ground ahead of schedule.

Older methods of data collection require a whole team of surveyors to visit the job site. They often find themselves bumping into subcontractors who are also trying to complete their respective tasks. Traditional surveys disrupt the flow of work and put more people on a construction site than necessary. A drone is better for surveying because it doesn’t get in anyone’s way, and it only needs one person to fly it.

Survey dangerous terrain

What many people don’t realize is that surveying can get dangerous. Not all surveyors take measurements of property for soccer fields and gated communities. Some are tasked with collecting data in regions prone to landslides and rocky terrain with unstable footing. Surveyors that work in a more urban setting often end up next to railroad tracks and busy highways.

Drones bypass dangerous terrain and high-traffic areas, prioritizing the safety of workers while collecting better quality data than surveys conducted on the ground. It’s important to consider that surveys have multiple purposes beyond planning property development in Mobile, AL. They’re a necessary tool for surveyors who create topographic maps and monitor the landscape for signs of a potential natural disaster.

Drones have proven that the future of land surveys is already here. There’s no doubt aerial drone surveying is the way to go—now you just have to find the right team for the job. The experts at Polysurveying utilize drone technology for a wide range of construction projects. Browse our sit to read more about how we conduct drone surveys and simplify the planning stage for our clients.

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