How to Determine Property Lines

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If you’re a homeowner in Mobile, AL, you probably have a general idea of where your property boundaries are located, but if you don’t have a survey on hand, you might not know the exact locations of your property lines down to the exact measurements.

The property line is the legal boundary of your property. It’s important to know exactly where your property line lies, because this dictates who owns (and is thus responsible for) which pieces of land.

In some cases, the boundaries of a property are obvious, and can include roads, streams or ditches. But if there is nothing obvious to mark your property line, then it won’t be quite as easy to determine where your property begins and ends. It is important to rectify this as soon as possible, because knowing where your property lines are located will help you determine, for example, where you should build a fence, or where you can place certain structures. It also helps you to be a good neighbor by making sure you take care of your whole property all the way up to the boundary.

What you must do to find property lines

Your first step when attempting to find your property lines in Mobile, AL should be to pay a visit to your assessor’s office or to the local county recorder. They will have public maps on hand, which can provide you with accurate measurements of your boundaries. In some cases, you might even be able to find this information online, as some counties have property measurements and maps available through online archives.

It’s best to take this approach first, because if you’re able to find the information you’re looking for, it may allow you to avoid having to spend money on a survey.

If this search fails, then you’ll need to work with a land surveyor, who will perform some complicated measurements and calculations to determine the lines of your property. Land surveyors will often use the Rectangular Survey System (RSS) to find property lines as efficiently as possible. This system allows for the creation of rectangular land parcels that can be measured to create a property outline. All land parcels are divided into approximately one-mile sections.

There are some complications that can arise with roads, creeks, rivers and other formations that can prevent perfect miles from being formed with these land parcels. But from there, the lines get separated into meridians (running north and south) and baselines (running east and west).

When looking at a property, you’ll then look at the parcel and its description to verify the property location and thus its boundaries. Any property in a subdivision is most likely measured by RSS, and there should be a plat map that includes information about the specific portions of the parcel.

As previously stated, land surveying is a highly complicated field, and finding the boundaries of your property can be difficult if you do not have a survey on hand. For more information about how to determine property lines in Mobile, AL, contact a land surveyor at Polysurveying today.

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