What’s the Difference Between a Topographic Survey and a Boundary Survey?

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If you’re building a new structure on your property and working alongside a reputable contractor, they will probably advise you to get a land survey before you build, just to cover your bases. Of course, depending on what you’re building or the scale of your land, you may not be entirely clear about what kind of survey to get. Should you get a boundary survey or a topographic survey in Mobile, AL? Here’s how to find out.

What is a boundary survey?

You can probably guess the purpose of a boundary survey based solely on its name. A boundary survey in Mobile, AL is a survey of your real estate’s boundaries or property lines. This is extremely helpful if you’re planning a new build that could potentially cross onto a neighbor’s property. The last thing you want is to have a new building spoiled because you’ve crossed onto land that wasn’t yours to begin with.

In addition to establishing your property lines, a boundary survey will make you aware of any zoning regulations or limitations, encroachments and easements. That’s pretty much where a boundary survey stops.

What is a topographic survey?

When you order a topographic survey in Mobile, AL, you will end up with a much more detailed result than you’d get with a traditional boundary survey. A topographic survey will let you know the elevation of your land. It will also show you the precise location of any manmade structures on your property. Depending on how in-depth you want your topographic survey to end up, it can provide an enormous amount of information, including:

  • Natural landmarks: Want to know the location of every tree on your property? How about the locations of rivers, streams, hills, valleys and more? A topographic survey can make it happen.
  • Manmade structures: If your property is big enough, it may contain streets, sidewalks or abandoned roads. These are easy to locate if you’ve got an up-to-date topographic map.
  • Utilities: You never truly know where utility companies have placed their lines. If you’re about to build, it could be worthwhile to know the location of water, gas, electric, internet or telephone lines, as well as a variety of other utilities you may not be considering.

When you go with a talented land surveyor, you can have them customize the extent of the information they provide at the end of their assessment.

Your survey pros

Whether you need a boundary survey or a topographic survey in Mobile, AL, you can count on the team at Polysurveying to get the job done right. Out third-generation land surveying and terrain mapping company has established a reputation for reliable, accurate and efficient service. Whether you’re looking for a standard boundary survey or you want an extensive topographic survey, you can count on Polysurveying.

Whether your needs are industrial, residential or commercial, we are equipped to handle them—that’s our promise to you. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment—we look forward to working with you soon!

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