What to Look for When Choosing a Land Surveyor

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When you’re in need of a land survey for your property or for an upcoming project in Mobile, AL, it’s important that you choose a team of trusted professionals that you can rely on to do outstanding work. Land surveying is a highly complex field, so choosing anyone less than a skilled and experienced professional could turn out badly for you.

Here are just a few of the characteristics and items you should look for in your search if you are to be truly comfortable with your choice of land surveying company.

Good reputation

Of course, it’s important for you to check and make sure any surveying company you work with is licensed in their field. However, licensure is only the beginning—that is the bare minimum requirement, and does not necessarily guarantee a surveyor’s services will be of the highest quality.

After determining that your potential surveyor is indeed licensed, spend some time looking into their reputation to see what others are saying about their work. Find real testimonials or reviews from customers online, or talk to other people who have worked with surveyors in your area. See if the surveyor has won any kinds of professional awards or commendations. Doing this extra research will give you some peace of mind that you can trust the work of your chosen surveying professional.

Sophistication of skills and technologies

The field of land surveying has evolved significantly over the last several decades. The tools and instruments surveyors are using these days often look quite a bit different than those used just 20 years ago. No longer are tape and transit enough—the calculations recorded for surveys are now performed with more electronic equipment, including global positioning systems, drones and other high-powered surveying tools that improve scope and accuracy.

Beyond technology, you should also research the sophistication of the various services and methods employed by the surveying company in Mobile, AL. Companies that offer a wide range of service and are capable of uniquely integrating them will often provide you with the best results.


It nearly goes without saying that cost will always be a factor any time you hire a contractor for any type of job—but it should also not be too much of a factor. You should base your decision more heavily on the quality of service you can expect to receive than on the cost of that service. You should still do your best to stick within your allotted budget for the job, but keep in mind that you will get what you pay for.

Certain factors that will influence the cost of your survey include the type of terrain, the location of the property, the size of the parcel, the methods used in conducting the survey, the accessibility of the site, the time of year and the types of vegetation found on the property.

To learn more about how to find a professional land survey company in Mobile, AL that you can trust, contact the team at Polysurveying today.

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