Why Do I Need a Boundary Survey?

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One of the most critical aspects of owning property of any size is learning everything you can about it. The very best way to do that is to begin by establishing the legal boundaries of your personal property. That means calling in a professional boundary surveyor to walk your property and consult local documents.

But what is boundary surveying in Mobile, AL, and why is it so critical? We’ve got your answers below.

What is a boundary survey?

For those who might not be aware, a boundary survey involves having a seasoned land surveyor establish the legal boundaries of your property. A lot of property owners make the mistake of assuming that the fence running along their property tends to mark the legal boundary; more often than not, however, this is not quite true. A boundary survey will allow you to know, without a doubt, where your property begins and ends.

Once your land surveyor has completed their work, they will provide you with a drawing of your property. Depending on how much you are willing to invest, that drawing can supply you with any of the following information in addition to your boundaries:

  • Houses and buildings constructed by the previous owner
  • The location of lakes, rivers and ponds
  • Easements and rights of way
  • The location of utilities like telephone and electric cables, energy poles, sewer pipes, manhole covers, drains and more
  • Zoning classification
  • The presence of a cemetery (it can happen!)

Those are just a few of the insights a qualified surveyor can provide.

What does a boundary survey cost?

Many landowners eschew a boundary survey because they mistakenly believe that it will cost too much. Several factors can influence the cost of your boundary survey, including the property’s size and shape, its ruggedness, the square acreage and the amount of information you need. As a result, the cost of boundary surveying in Mobile, AL can vary significantly.

All that being said, when it comes right down to it, you can likely expect a boundary survey to top out at around $600. That’s generally the ceiling. For a small piece of residential property, a boundary survey may only cost a little over $100.

Consequences of skipping a boundary survey

If you’ve just purchased a piece of property, or you are planning to build a fence or new structure on property you already own, you should certainly factor in the costs of a boundary survey. Failure to do so could lead to lawsuits from neighbors when you overstep your property limits. Significant violations could even see the forfeiture of ownership of your property.

Get a pro’s insight

If you need help with boundary surveying in Mobile, AL, come to Polysurveying. Since 1972, we have offered a diverse array of land surveying and mapping services for residential, commercial and industrial clients alike. Our family owned and operated company has existed over three generations, which means we bring more than 40 years of local experience to every project we take on.

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