The Basics of Construction Layouts

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Home builder construction layout in Mobile, AL is a process during which a contractor will go to a development site and mark the land with stakes or flags, which indicate the boundaries of the building and infrastructure elements. The contractor accomplishes this by reading the blueprints for the site and translating them into real-life dimensions, creating a visual and physical reference point for each part of the plan. This process is also referred to as a site layout survey or construction staking.

What a construction layout is used for

The construction layout process can be used for home building, but it can also be applied to a number of other structures, including roads, sewer lines, electrical features and more. The process guides construction and ensures that no mistakes are made.

There are two major types of construction layouts: site layout staking is a precise tool that guides actual construction, whereas rough staking is to show where site improvements like grading and slopes should be. This allows subcontractors to do their jobs more efficiently and helps eliminate the possibility of mistakes.

How construction layouts are created

Land surveyors play a large part in home builder construction layouts in Mobile, AL. The surveyor takes the blueprints from the engineer or architect, reads them and transfers the plan to the construction site. Usually, the surveyor will stake out the underground portions of construction like utility lines, sewers and drains first. Then, after those are installed, they will go back and stake out the above-ground elements.

Why you need a construction layout

Construction layouts are a crucial part of the building process, particularly for complex buildings and developments. Most construction companies have a number of different subcontractors who must work together to produce a building or development. Staking out the site first makes it clear where each element of the development needs to go, what its dimensions are and who is responsible. Neglecting a construction layout, or hiring an unlicensed or uncertified surveyor, can lead to difficulties and additional cost later on down the road. Construction and surveying are extremely precise duties—measurements that are off by mere inches can cause major problems for the subcontractors.

It’s important that you hire a licensed, certified land surveyor who has a proven track record of construction layouts for similar projects—for example, if you’re working with a surveyor who has never tackled an entire subdivision, you may be setting yourself up for problems during execution. Always check references and portfolios before you choose your professional surveying company.

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