How Photo and Lidar Drone Integration Saves Developers Time and Money

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The advent of drone technology has had an impact on a number of different industries, including land surveying. Using surveying drones can reduce your budget in Mobile, AL, saving time and money for other parts of your projects. Software is available to integrate the drone images and video into mapping software, which makes it easier than ever to survey a project. In fact, it’s a lot less expensive than aerial and land surveying.

Have you considered investing in or trying drone surveying for your next project? Here are the biggest benefits of using drones to do your drudge work:

  • Save a significant amount of time: Can you map a hundred acres in just 20 minutes? Probably not—but a drone can. Data collection drones and specialized mapping software can work together to make what was once a one- or two-month job happen in less than a day. When you consider how much it costs to pay two months’ salary, along with job hazards and other issues, a drone already looks like a much cheaper and safer investment.
  • Eliminate the need for aerial surveying: Using planes to perform aerial surveying is expensive, slow and not exactly kind to the environment. Using a mapping drone and integrated software makes it much faster and easier to get an aerial view of the land.
  • Make LiDAR mapping unnecessary: For the amount you’d pay to do LiDAR sensing on one large tract, you could pay well into six figures—instead, put that six figures toward the drone and software, and you’ll pay for surveying for multiple tracts of land, several years over. LiDAR drones save money on project startup in Mobile, AL.
  • Perform your own safety inspections. When something goes wrong on one of your sites, it’s your obligation to find out what, where and how. That’s significantly easier when you’re using a drone, rather than paying for safety checks out of pocket.
  • Keep your travel budget low: In traditional surveying, companies need to fly clients, contractors, leaders and developers out to the site and give them some sort of temporary accommodation, all while requiring that they step away from their own work. Rather than dragging people out to a job site, why not use the fast and easy drone data collection capabilities to collect and share information? Your clients will be happy to stay updated without having to travel frequently, and you’ll enjoy saving money.
  • Double check the numbers: Having a drone on hand makes it possible to diligently track the actual earth movements on a job site, making it much easier to estimate how much material you’ll need or need to dispose of. You’ll be able to double check the numbers and make sure you and your clients aren’t getting overcharged.

Drones are the way of the surveying future—we think every surveying company should have at least one, and savvy customers will choose drone-enabled companies. Interested in finding out more about how using drones can reduce your surveying budget in Mobile, AL? Call Polysurveying today to speak with an expert.

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