Commercial Drones Are Your Best Choice for Accurate Surveys

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Land surveying has always been a complex process, though the modern technology available to today’s surveyors has provided us with the tools we need to create thorough surveys for clients of all types.

Of the many pieces of modern technology regularly used by those in the surveying profession, it is perhaps commercial drones that have provided the best results. The use of these unmanned aerial vehicles for the process of surveying land has become not just common practice, but the most recommended method of getting a clear look at the land and mapping out its most important features.

Here are a few examples of mapping applications for which commercial surveying with drones in Mobile, AL has entered into practice:

  • Automated mapping: In automated mapping, the surveyor creates control points on the ground, and then uses drones to plan out a flight path around the area, essentially giving the drone control over its flight within the area established by the control points.
  • LIDAR mapping: Here, the surveyor collects accurate digital representations of buildings, the ground and important objects. LIDAR drone solutions are much more cost effective than the traditional manned alternatives because there is much less weight and no need for a human surveyor in the sky.
  • Cadastral surveying: In this process, the surveyor establishes the boundaries of properties based on land features and buildings. Drone images are crucial in this boundary designation process.
  • Volumetric calculation: In volumetric calculation, drones are used to take volumetric readings for greater reference points in the resulting survey.

Why go with drones for your surveying?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using drones for various surveying processes is that it significantly cuts down on the amount of time it takes to complete a given surveying project. With traditional surveying methods, collecting important land data is extremely time consuming and labor intensive. By using drones, surveyors are able to accomplish everything they need to in significantly less time. Those reduced man-hours in the field allow surveyors to complete more work in the same amount of time, making the job more cost-effective for customers.

Drones also provide real-time spatial data. The improvements in drone technology have allowed surveyors to be able to analyze geospatial data as it’s collected by the drones, giving them immediate, accurate reference points to pay attention to.

Finally, because the drones are unmanned and remote, they are capable of mapping just about any kind of terrain or space, so long as it is legal to fly drones in the area. This cuts down on many of the environmental risks surveyors would otherwise have to navigate when using traditional surveying methods to map out otherwise unknown areas. It might be hills, mountains, forests or marshes—whatever the case, you’ll be able to get a drone over the top and get a good look down at the area.

For more information about the benefits associated with commercial surveying with drones and how you can cut costs with drone surveying in Mobile, AL, Polysurveying encourages you to contact our land surveyors today.

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