Septic System Design and Perc Tests for Rural Areas

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Septic systems are a great option for property owners who aren’t served by municipal sewer systems. However, designing and installing a septic system can be challenging. Land surveyors use several different methods to design a septic system and plan placement on a property, including providing perc tests for septic tanks in Mobile, AL. Keep reading to learn more about perc tests and how land surveyors use them for septic system design.

What are perc tests?

Percolation tests, usually referred to as perc tests, are used to determine whether a property can accommodate a septic system. These tests check the saturation capacity of a piece of land and assess how much water the soil can absorb over a period of time. If the soil is very slow to absorb water, it likely won’t work for a septic system. After a perc test, property owners can determine whether their site is suitable for septic system installation.

Perc tests for septic systems in Mobile, AL can be administered by property owners under the supervision of an inspector or by a land surveyor. During a perc test, several holes are dug in the site where the planned septic system will be installed. Perc tests should be done with three to six holes that are about 12 inches in diameter and two feet deep. The holes should have at least 30 feet of space between them and be placed away from water supplies, lot lines, easements, buildings and structures on the site.

After the holes are dug, they are filled with six inches of water. The person administering the test will check the water level at specific time intervals to determine the absorption rate of the soil. These test conditions are designed to replicate the conditions that come with standard septic system operation. Following the completion of the test, it’s easier for property owners to determine whether the site can accommodate a septic system or if changes must be made before a system can be installed.

Ensuring the success of a perc test

While it’s possible to complete a perc test on your own, the best way to ensure that your test is successful is to hire a land surveyor for the job. A professional land surveyor has the experience and expertise necessary to administer a perc test effectively and in compliance with all relevant regulations and local ordinances. Hiring a professional ensures a smooth testing process and saves you the hassle of administering the test yourself.

Perc tests in rural areas in Mobile, AL

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