An Overview of Drone Survey Integration for Land Surveying and Excavation

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Drone technology has revolutionized many industries in recent years. As drones become more sophisticated, they offer even more opportunities for industry professionals to improve accuracy, cut down on turnaround times and enhance service offerings. In the land surveying field, drone technology has proven to be incredibly valuable when it comes to providing accurate services to customers. Keep reading to learn more about land dredging and land excavation drone surveying in Mobile, AL and how landowners can benefit from drone technology.

How drones are used for land surveying

Drones come in all different sizes and designs, with varying features and functionalities. This versatility gives land surveyors the ability to find drones that offer optimal performance for specific applications. Drones are used extensively in surveying and can streamline many of the most common surveying processes. Here are a few of the ways in which drones are used for land surveying and excavation:

  • Land surveying: Surveying drones capture images and collect data that’s used to develop sophisticated 3D models and maps of properties. Using drones allows surveyors to achieve a higher degree of accuracy, collect detailed site images and cut down on the time needed to produce completed land surveys. This gives property owners access to more detailed and specific information without waiting for lengthy surveys completed with manual measurements and site evaluations.
  • Development and subdividing: Drones are used to capture images, take measurements and create maps for the purpose of developing and subdividing property. The images taken by drones give land developers the information they need to create detailed engineering plans and blueprints for development and construction.
  • Topographic surveying: Surveying can also be used to map out the topography of a piece of property. These surveys map out inclines, hills, valleys, bodies of water, existing structures, natural formations and even trees and vegetation. Drones have cameras and sensors that can simultaneously gather data, take measurements and capture images that surveyors will compile into a comprehensive topographic survey of a piece of land.
  • Excavation and dredging: Drones can be used to plan excavation projects with a high degree of accuracy. Drones allow land surveyors to visualize the topography of a plot of land and take detailed measurements of a property. This makes it much easier for land surveyors to plan excavation projects and execute them successfully. Drones can also be used to assess dredging activity in bodies of water. Drones can be equipped with sophisticated sensors that detect suspended particles in the water and take remote measurements to assess dredging activity.

Land dredging drone surveying in Mobile, AL

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