What to Do Before You Have a Building Survey Done

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Surveys are an important early step in any type of construction project, but before you get the survey done, it’s important for you to take some steps to prepare. The building survey will be a thorough inspection of the property, going into much more detail than other types of surveys. The property will have its condition thoroughly detailed, and there will be suggestions included for you to make particular improvements.

If you’ve scheduled a building survey, here are a few steps you can take for effective building survey preparation in Mobile, AL:

  • Fix known defects: If there are defects in your home that you’re already aware of, you can take steps to fix them so the surveyor doesn’t have to spend time analyzing them and adding them to your report. Some specific problems you can analyze and repair include any signs of dampness or mold in the walls or ceilings, holes in woodwork, cracks in the ceilings or walls, poor water pressure, springy floors, doors or windows that don’t open or any other such problems. If you’re able to repair them, do so.
  • Clean up: Spend some time cleaning and tidying your house and property before the surveyor arrives so it’s easier for them to maneuver around the property. Put all belongings away in their rightful place so the surveyor can more easily assess the property without having to worry about your items being in the way. In some rooms, you might consider moving some furniture away from walls, or taking items off the walls or window sills so the inspector will be able to easily inspect those walls for signs of damage or defects.
  • Check the outside of the property: There might also be some defects on the exterior of the property, and if you notice them you should take the appropriate steps to repair them. Carefully inspect the brickwork, timberwork, doors, windows and boundary walls. You should also perform a visual inspection of your roof and chimney, but do this from the ground—don’t feel like you need to get up on top of your home to perform a closer inspection. Your surveyor will be able to handle this. If you are able to make some of these repairs in advance of your survey, this will limit the number of elements of the building that will require extra investigation.
  • Energy savings: Consider switching to energy-efficient appliances, fixtures and lightbulbs if you have not already done so. Your surveyor will provide you with an energy efficiency rating for your property, and having these efficient features in place will improve your rating.
  • Get quotes: Get quotes from multiple surveying companies for their services so you can select one that offers competitive rates for the services you need.

For more information about the steps you can take before a building surveyor comes to your property, we encourage you to contact the team of land surveyors at Polysurveying. We’d be happy to provide some more helpful building survey tips in Mobile, AL!

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