How Can I Find My Property Lines?

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Your property’s boundaries can be found on the deed to your home, or on a property survey you received when you purchased your home in Mobile, AL. You can also use the mapping tools at the local county assessor’s office to determine where exactly your boundaries lie.

You’ll likely be most interested in finding your exact property lines in situations in which you wish to build a new structure, such as a fence, adjacent to the property boundary. Making sure you have clearly defined boundaries will help you to avoid disputes with your neighbors.

Here are some tips to help you find your property lines:

  • Assessor’s website: Find the official website for your municipality’s assessor’s office. There are some assessors who will place all the required mapping tools online, which can be extremely useful. Use those maps to find the boundary lines on your property and determine the location of nearby landmarks, such as streets and structures. These landmarks are the fixed points from which you will measure to determine your property lines. You can then use a tape measure to measure those distances.
  • Analyze your deed: The deed to your home will have a description of the measurements of your property, including its boundaries. This description will include landmarks that will serve as your starting points for measurements. Start by marking off each corner of your property with a stake or other marker, then measure from one stake to the next all around your property. This will allow you to determine where your lines are located and help you to avoid accidentally building anything on your neighbor’s land.
  • Analyze an existing survey: You might already have a survey that came with other documents you received at your home closing. This survey will have a map of property lines and measurements. It will include important information such as the distance to your home from the property line, as well as the distance from the street to the property line.
  • Visit your recorder’s or assessor’s office: If the mapping tools you need aren’t available online, you can pay a visit to the assessor’s or county recorder’s office and ask what maps they have on file that you can analyze. Request copies of any maps that show the dimensions or boundaries of your property, then use those as a reference point when searching for your property boundaries.
  • Hire a surveyor: If you do not have a survey already or don’t want to rely on the above steps to get an accurate depiction of where your property boundaries are located, you can always hire a surveyor to come out and get the job done. You can trust in the professional assessments of surveyors to be detailed and accurate. You can then keep that survey on file for the rest of the time you own the house, as it will only become outdated if the physical structures around your property change.

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