Can I Get My Land Surveyed During Winter?

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Most people who have land surveying needs tend to wait until winter is over before they seek out the services of a professional, simply because the weather can get in the way. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t retain a surveyor during the winter months at all—in fact, there are a variety of specific benefits associated with having your land surveyed during winter.

Here are just a few reasons why you might consider scheduling winter surveying in Mobile, AL rather than waiting for the spring or summer:

  • Easy to get an appointment: The availability of surveyors is going to be much more open during the winter than during the spring and summer, simply because, as we mentioned, so many people wait until it’s nicer outside to get these jobs done. The business tends to slow down in the winter, so surveyors are happy to take on winter jobs to keep cash flow coming through. Plus, with surveyors having less work, you have more flexibility for scheduling, and the surveyor will be able to get the work performed for you faster.
  • Speed of service: As we just briefly alluded to, you can get the survey work done more quickly in the winter due to the availability of the surveyor. While it might seem like the shorter days and colder weather would make it harder to get a surveying job done as efficiently as you would during the spring or summer, there are actually some ways in which the winter season makes the job easier for surveyors. With the leaves being off many of the trees, they don’t have to worry about the canopy getting in the way of satellite signals. The lack of ongoing projects allows surveyors to give you more of their primary focus, as well.
  • Early start: If you have a construction project you want to get started in the spring or summer, then getting the survey done in the winter will give you a head start that you couldn’t get if you waited to do the survey until the weather started to warm up again. Then, once the weather actually does warm up, you can keep your attention on construction rather than having to suddenly arrange a land survey while the surveyors are being pulled in all different directions by people who decided to wait out the winter months first.
  • Update maps: Because there’s less work during the winter to worry about, surveyors can take some of the extra time they have to update existing maps, adding more data and looking at possible locations for future projects. If you had a new utility installed near your project, surveyors will have more time in the winter to map that new utility and log the data associated with it.

For more information about the benefits of scheduling land surveying in Mobile, AL during the winter rather than waiting until the spring, we encourage you to contact the team at Polysurveying today. We’d love to get you on our schedule!

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