What Time of Year Is Best to Do a Perc Test?

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A percolation test, also referred to as a perc test, is an important part of property transfers and improvements. Since property owners understandably want the best and most accurate results possible from this test, it’s important to complete the test in optimal circumstances. One of the best perc test tips in Mobile, AL to get the best results is to choose the right time of year to perform the test. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a perc test?

A perc test measures the moisture absorption rate of the soil. It is typically completed by a professional who specializes in land surveying and/or septic system design.

When is a perc test necessary?

Perc tests are typically ordered when a property owner wants to install a septic system or drainage system. Since these systems depend on healthy soil absorption, the perc test is crucial to determine if the land will support the system.

A perc test can also reveal whether certain crops will grow well on a parcel of land. Therefore, the test may be ordered if a prospective buyer is considering a piece of land for agricultural development, or if the current owner would like to determine which crops to plant.

How is a perc test completed?

Two types of perc tests are common. The first involves digging holes in the property to a specified depth, then filling them with water. Technicians measure the water levels over time to determine how quickly the soil absorbs the liquid.

A second perc test method involves digging two pits with a backhoe that are between five and 10 feet deep. A technician then goes into the pits and evaluates the soil that has been exposed.

When is the best season for a perc test?

For the best results, you should perform a perc test in the driest season. During this time, the water table will be at its lowest point, and the dry soil will more readily absorb liquid. However, if the soil is frozen or has recently absorbed a lot of rain or melted snow, the percolation results will be lower.

If you need to complete a perc test in cold weather, just remember to follow appropriate cold-weather testing procedures, which involve excavating below the frost line. Additionally, if there will be a delay after excavating before the test is completed, a good percolation test tip in Mobile, AL is to cover the hold and insulate it. This will prevent the soil from freezing before you perform the perc test.

Also keep in mind that many municipalities have regulations concerning when perc tests should be completed. Always check with your local regulatory bodies to see if you need to follow any time parameters they require.

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