When Should I Get a Boundary Survey?

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A boundary survey is an important tool in many real estate circumstances. To understand whether or not you need one in your situation, use the following boundary survey tips in Mobile, AL.

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What is a boundary survey?

This document formally defines a property’s boundaries. It clearly delineates the corners of the land, indicating exactly where all edges of the property are located.

Who can complete a boundary survey?

This drawing is typically created by a professional who specializes in boundary surveys. The technician will use precise tools and software to measure the land and create the survey.

When should I get a boundary survey?

Several situations warrant the creation of a boundary survey:

  • Real estate purchases: Before you buy or sell a piece of land, it is standard practice to order a boundary survey. This is to ensure everyone knows the boundaries of the property that is transferring ownership. It removes any question about where the property ends and begins, and can reveal any current issues of encroachments for fences or other structures.
  • Parcel divisions: If you need to divide a piece of land, a survey will be necessary. Once you have the drawing of the property, you can accurately divide the land as needed, indicating the divisions on the survey.
  • Land improvements: Before you add structures or make landscaping improvements to a property, it is a good idea to complete a boundary survey. This will prevent you from improving beyond your borders. It may also be required for municipal regulations, to demonstrate that you are only improving your own land.

How much does a boundary survey cost?

This varies greatly depending on the scope of the project. Larger parcels of land and those that are oddly shaped will obviously require more work to prepare the survey. The accessibility of the property can also affect the cost, as can the time of year when the survey is completed. Lastly, the reason for the survey can have an influence on its cost, as certain uses may require additional details on the survey.

What is the process to complete a boundary survey?

When you order a survey, a surveyor will locate the corners of the property and place a marker at each one. These markers are usually two-foot iron pipes or wooden stakes. The technician may also place flags at the property borders, and will spray paint the corners to make them visible. He or she will make note of any encroachments or potential issues with the boundaries. Depending on the survey order, the technician will also include structures currently located on the property in their survey drawing.

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