What You Should Look for When Looking for a Land Surveyor

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A land surveyor is an excellent professional to have on your real estate team. A land surveyor can tell you the true boundaries of your parcel and how much of your land is buildable. Finding a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL is an important part of your real estate purchase and development.

Understand the different types of surveys

You don’t need to become an amateur surveyor yourself, but knowing the differences in survey types can help you determine what you need. The simplest survey only requires placing stakes on the corners of the property. A location survey shows where the house and other structures are located on the property. Boundary surveys are much more accurate and find the exact location of the parcel’s edges. The American Land Title Association/American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ALTA/ACSM) survey is generally used for commercial properties.

Ask your network

When you need help finding a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL, ask your friends and family if they know anyone. Start by asking friends in real estate or development, as they’re most likely to have a contact in land surveying. You can also ask your title company, as they often work with surveyors for insurance policies. Personal recommendations are the best way to find a surveyor you can trust.

Do some research

If you don’t get any leads through your networks, turn to the internet and search for local surveyors in your area. Read business reviews to ensure you’re hiring a trustworthy company. Check with your state’s surveyor board to see if they have a browsable database. This also helps you know that the company you choose is certified.

Check that your surveyor is certified

Professional surveyors follow strict land surveyor qualifications in Mobile, AL. State boards certify surveying companies to ensure they are maintaining proper standards. License holders are required to complete a certain amount of continuing education and professional development to ensure they have the latest industry information to maintain their certification. Your state board likely has a database where you can check whether a surveyor’s certification is active.

Interview your surveyor

You’re hiring a surveyor to work for you. A good surveyor will be happy to answer any of your questions ahead of time. Ask if the surveyor has experience with properties like yours, how long the project will take, what it will cost and what factors impact the cost. Get clarification on additional costs like travel expenses and hourly rates if the surveyor encounters weather delays.

Speak to references

When you’re interviewing your surveyor, ask if he or she has clients you can speak to for referrals. If you didn’t find your surveyor through your network, you’ll want to talk to someone who has already worked with the surveyor to determine whether the surveyor performs good work. In addition to having the right land surveyor qualifications in Mobile, AL, you also want a surveyor who comes highly recommended.

Once you’ve done your research, choose a surveyor who has the best experience, reputation and price for your project. Obtaining an accurate survey can save you money in the long run on your property. For more information about how a surveyor can help you, reach out to the team at Polysurveying today.

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