How Drone Technology Is Taking the Surveying Industry by Storm

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Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are one of technology’s greatest marvels—especially for land surveyors. Let’s take a look at how drones are changing the world of technology and taking the surveying industry by storm.

Reasons to use drones for surveying

Many land surveying firms offer drone services, and for good reason. First and foremost, drone technology continues to be an extremely important asset to the industry. They are ideal for just about any land surveying project and can boost accuracy and ROI. Here are a few of the reasons to use drones for surveying:

  • Advanced drones can provide highly-accurate HD maps in a short amount of time, sometimes immediately.
  • Drones can gather a long list of data types, including photography, video and LIDAR.
  • Drones can survey hard to reach locations, like waterways, forested areas and rough terrain. UAVs are also the safer option in certain situations.
  • All the information drones gather can be uploaded instantly and accessed right away by authorized persons anywhere on the planet.

How it works

More and more companies these days are starting to take advantage of using drone technology to collect important data and create useful things like maps and diagrams. The good news is that your company doesn’t have to own a drone to do this. Simply hire a surveying firm with the technology and skills to perform surveys for you! So, how do UAVs work? Let’s find out:

  • An operator deploys a drone fitted with important scanning technology over the area needing to be surveyed. They have 3D laser scanners that sweep back and forth and all around, then send back detailed images in still photos or video of what the area actually looks like.
  • The data from the scanners can be used in GIS mapping—the creation of a digital map built using cartographic sciences, statistical analysis and advanced computer skills. This process provides a map that is high definition, easy use and comes bearing specific information about the surveyed area.
  • This map and other important data are stored using cloud technology, meaning you can see what the drone sees as it’s being uploaded to a server. It’s a time saver in so many ways.

Why land surveying services should keep up with drone use

It’s imperative that land surveying firms that use drones advance with the times. Many surveying companies now include drones as a regular tool in their land surveying services, and they will change what they do as new technologies become available. They’ve figured out that drone services contribute to a higher return on investment, since more accurate data can be accumulated in less time with quicker results. If you’re a company or individual in need of land surveying, studies show that working with a surveyor using drone technology can save you money and time on your surveying project.

Drones are changing the world of technology, and the land surveying industry sees it. To learn more about how we utilize drones here at Polysurveying, give us a call! We’ll take the time to help you understand why you should take advantage of our services.

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