How Do I Authorize a Land Surveying Process in Mobile, AL?

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Do you need to complete a land survey? Whether you are planning an investment or are ready to start a construction project, land surveying processes in Mobile, AL are an integral part of the endeavor.

To authorize a land surveying process in Mobile, AL, you must follow a few key steps. Once the task is authorized, the land surveyor will complete the job based on local regulations. Following is an overview of this process:

  • Explain: Start by explaining why you would like a survey. Do you need to establish property boundaries? Are you concerned about infringements? Do you wish to confirm the zoning of a parcel? The reason for the survey will help guide the surveyor’s actions as to what type of survey to provide and the details on which to focus.
  • Order: Once you’ve discussed your needs with the surveyor, he or she will advise you about the type of survey required to meet those needs. Based on the standards for the industry, the surveyor will make recommendations. You can then give the approval to move forward with the selected survey type.
  • Furnish: For optimal results, furnish the surveyor with any existing documentation you have about the property. Provide a description of the property, title reports, previous surveys, maps and any other documents on file.
  • Authorize: Once the surveyor has the request for a survey and any pertinent documentation, he or she may request written authorization to move forward with the land surveying process in Mobile, AL. This authorization may include a retainer or partial fee for the project up front.

Completing a Land Survey

The licensed land surveyor will proceed with the land surveying process in Mobile, AL based on applicable regulations. The surveyor will adhere to all standards and codes of the surveying industry as well as regional laws established by the city, county or state. Maintaining these standards ensures your survey is top quality, legal and conforms to current standards.

Finding a Land Surveying Company

Of course, before you can authorize a land surveying process in Mobile, AL, you must first select a land surveyor. To obtain a quality survey and professional service, look for a company that has experience in the industry. Make sure the company is certified. Find out what types of surveys they offer and what level of expertise they possess in each type. Finally, check their references. Read online reviews, ask around or request references from the company directly. If others have had good experiences with the surveyor, it’s likely you will too.

Authorize a Survey

Are you ready to start this process? If you would like to authorize a land surveying process in Mobile, AL, contact Polysurveying. Our experienced professionals provide land surveying and mapping services to a wide variety of industries, including commercial and residential projects. Our mission is to provide fast and reliable service while maintaining the quality of work our clients have come to expect. Reach out to us today with any questions or to begin your survey authorization.

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