How GIS Data Affects Surveying and Real Estate

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data has become extremely important in a wide variety of industries, including surveying and real estate. As the technology continues to advance, people are finding brand new uses for this useful functionality.

Yelp, realtor sites and other platforms use GIS data to create databases that put information in front of consumers every single day. Surveying tools have led to the implementation of this type of technology and data being used across many different types of businesses.

Here are just a few examples of some of the ways GIS data is used by professional surveyors in Mobile, AL, as well as in other industries and in everyday life:

  • Mapping: Perhaps the biggest use of GIS data comes in mapping. Google Maps is the best example of a mapping platform primarily based on GIS technology. People use it every single day for navigational purposes. But there are plenty of other types of tools that use smart mapping technology for more specific or in-depth purposes. For example, the GeoViewer tool allows developers to look closely at electric and water district assets while in the field.
  • Environmental impact analysis: GIS data is also crucial for conducting impact analyses to determine how humans are affecting their environments. This data allows for the development and implementation of better methods of conserving natural resources and protecting the earth and environment.
  • Urban planning: GIS data can be used to analyze how urban areas are growing and spreading. This data can provide some insight into the kinds of sites that are ideal for new or additional development, as it can point to some of the factors that are consistent with successful developments and projects.
  • Agriculture: GIS data can be used in the agricultural industry to develop more efficient farming techniques. Farmers can use this information to analyze soil data with more advanced metrics so they can maximize their yields for whatever type of crop they’re growing in any location around the world.
  • Surveying: Aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL and beyond involves measuring where objects are located, including physical structures, land features and boundaries between properties. More surveyors are using Global Navigation Satellite Systems for this. GIS data can help prepare digital maps and estimate areas for surveyors.
  • Geology: Geologists also make heavy use of GIS data these days as part of their routine soil analysis, seismic information assessment and development of three-dimensional displays of geographic features. GIS data can also help with analyzing rock characteristics and giving geologists information to help them select the best location for certain functions.
  • Natural resources: GIS information assists in the better management and maintenance of forests, and with the allocation and geographic distribution of water.
  • Flood damage: After flooding occurs, GIS data can be used by government officials to update maps of flood risk areas. They can then use the available information to coordinate appropriate relief and rescue efforts.

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