Do Land Surveyors Need to Be Licensed? If So, Why?

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Land surveying is a complex, ever-evolving profession that has stringent licensing requirements. Land surveyors serve as the bedrock of the real estate industry—without them, we wouldn’t have fair, objective information about boundaries, easements, existing structures and other vital property-related information. It’s critical that land surveyors adhere to professional licensing requirements to ensure they have the skills necessary to provide accurate and detailed land surveys.

If you’re thinking of hiring a land surveyor in Mobile, AL, read on to find out about what requirements are necessary to enter this profession:

  • Surveyor licensing: Every state in the country requires land surveyors to be individually licensed before they can take on clients. Each state has its own requirements for what it takes to get a license, which share some similarities. Every land surveyor must have a degree from an accredited surveying program. They must also complete two written examinations: the Fundamentals of Surveying and Principles and Practice of Surveying. They must also complete four years of training under the supervision of a professional surveyor. Finally, they must be approved by their respective state’s board.
  • Additional requirements: States also have their own particular requirements for land surveyors. This can include state residency requirements, additional experience, references from licensed surveyors and other factors. Typically, applying for a land surveyor’s license includes a fee as well.
  • Practicing across state lines: Luckily for land surveyors, many states have reciprocity agreements allowing licensure in one state to apply in another state. This is particularly useful for surveyors whose practices are located near a state line. However, the land surveyor still must register in any state with a reciprocal agreement and pay a fee.
  • Renewal: Once a land surveyor has their license, that’s not the end of the road. Because the profession is held to such high standards, most states require renewal about every two years. Again, surveyors must submit an application and fee for renewal.
  • Firms: The land surveying business entity must also hold a license in most states. This usually follows the incorporation of the business and requires obtaining a certificate from the state.

The business of land surveying in Mobile, AL is a complicated one that is heavily regulated by state government. For property buyers, though, the most important part is hiring a trusted firm. Polysurveying offers a wide range of land surveying and mapping services to clients along the Gulf Coast. We bring our four decades of experience to every job we complete.

For three generations, our family-owned and operated business has delivered real results for all our loyal customers. We specialize in surveying for both commercial and residential projects, including land surveys, boundary surveys, elevation and topographical surveys, construction layout and staking surveys. We’re always on the cutting edge of technology in using GPS and robotic surveying equipment, and we now feature drone survey technology to maintain the high accuracy standards that our industry demands. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free estimate. We look forward to helping you with your upcoming project!

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