How Land Surveying Can Save You Money

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You may mistakenly believe that land surveying is an expense you could avoid, or just a necessary evil. But the reality is that a high-quality land survey is a must for every homeowner, and can actually save you considerable costs in the long run. Establishing property boundaries, mapping existing structures and determining rights of way and easements is vital for every property owner. Think about the land survey as the foundation of the homebuying process—without it, everything falls apart.

That’s why it pays to do your research and find an excellent provider of land surveying in Mobile, AL. Read on to find out more about how a land survey will benefit your bottom line:

  • Rebuilding: Without a detailed and complete land survey, you may be on the hook for costs such as renovation, rebuilding or demolition. If the building isn’t in the confines of the property’s boundaries, you’re going to be held responsible for the error. The worst-possible case is that all the hard work and money that went into construction is wasted and you need to start over again. Avoid these astronomical costs by bringing in a qualified land surveyor.
  • Legal costs: Defining the property’s boundaries correctly is essential to mitigate the risk of future legal action. A pre-purchase survey compares the records to the actual data and precisely determines the dimensions of the property you’re buying. This provides a complete, current view of the property that will be a matter of public record. Without a survey, you’re risking legal issues down the line in which adjacent property owners will have a valid case against you. Conversely, if a neighbor builds a fence or a building on your property, a land survey will provide you with legal standing to take action if you choose to do so.
  • Condition of mortgage: Getting a land survey now is a smart idea because you’re going to need financing for the home. Lenders will require having a land survey because, without one, the homebuyer takes on more risk and becomes a less credible borrower.
  • Dividing the property: If you have plans to divide the property to sell it in the future, then a land survey is essential. A certified land surveyor will be able to walk you through local regulations on this process and may be able to represent you at local board meetings necessary to obtain permits.

When you’re buying a home, it’s a great idea to contact a land surveyor in Mobile, AL. Polysurveying has four decades of experience in the business of providing land surveying and mapping services. We work with a wide variety of professional industries along the Gulf Coast. We’re a family-owned and operated business specializing in surveying for both commercial and residential projects, offering services that include land surveys, boundary surveys, elevation and topographical surveys, construction layout and staking surveys and more. Our number one goal is to offer outstanding customer service to all our clients. Contact us now for more information and to get a free quote!

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