How a Land Surveyor in Mobile, AL Can Help Homeowners and Construction Companies

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Building a home is an intensive endeavor. This initiative involves many moving parts and the completion of crucial steps in the process. It requires input from a variety of industry experts for many facets of the project. A land surveyor in Mobile, AL is one of these necessary experts.

These professionals are extremely helpful for homeowners and construction companies as they seek to build homes. How? They assist with the past, the present and the future.

The Past

Land surveyors in Mobile, AL can complete a thorough survey of any property that a construction company or potential homeowner would like to develop. This will reveal what structures have been developed on it in the past. The expert surveyor will also reveal any encroachments or easement issues. If someone built a fence where they shouldn’t have, this will be revealed by the survey.

These past issues can be dealt with by the owner before any current projects proceed. This will make development smoother and could help property owners avoid lawsuits. They can avoid repeating mistakes of the past or allowing them to disrupt future plans.

The Present

What is the current lay of the land? What is the topography like? Are there any environmental concerns? Where are the official boundaries? All of these questions about the current state of the land will be answered by a land surveyor in Mobile, AL.

This professional can also help construction companies and homeowners satisfy any current requirements by lenders or regulatory bodies. A mortgage surveyor in Mobile, AL will complete the required survey so transactions can proceed to completion.

The Future

Flood maps are being updated regionally. Mortgage lenders and insurance companies are requiring new elevation certificates as flood zones change and future risks are determined. Properties that were not located in flood zones in the past will have new requirements going forward. New maps are also changing height requirements for new construction.

To keep up with these changing laws and ensure all information is current and correct as future plans are established, construction companies and homeowners can turn to mortgage surveyors in Mobile, AL.

Land surveyors in Mobile, AL can help property owners and developers prepare for other environmental concerns as well. Besides flooding concerns, what other issues may arise regarding environmental impact? The property owner must choose sustainable solutions as they develop to avoid future problems. A thorough understanding of the land is necessary to do this. The land surveyor is the ideal professional to help with this crucial prep work.

The Perfect Partner

For benefits throughout your project timeline, contact the mortgage surveyors in Mobile, AL at Polysurveying. Family owned and operated since 1972, we specialize in surveying for both commercial and residential projects, including land surveys, boundary surveys, elevation and topographical surveys, construction layout and staking surveys. Our mission is to provide fast and reliable service while maintaining the quality of work our clients have come to expect from our team. Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your next project.

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