Why Land Surveying in Mobile, AL Is Critical for Commercial Business

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Are you purchasing land to use for commercial business? Perhaps you already own land and are making plans for development. Whatever the case, commercial property owners should use land surveying in Mobile, AL to guide their endeavors.

Why is this so important? There are several reasons. Land surveying in Mobile, AL helps business owners meet their goals and avoid disasters. Here’s how:

  • Boundary determination: While you may think you know the boundaries of your property, it’s essential to have these established with land surveying in Mobile, AL. You’ll want to know exactly where these are before you start to build on the land or develop it in any way.
  • Land division: Are you hoping to divide your land in some way? Whether you want to divide it for various uses or for potential resale, it’s important to arrange for land surveying in Mobile, AL to first determine the layout of the land.
  • Topography: Are you familiar with the literal lay of your land? The topography of the property can greatly affect how it can be used and the cost to develop it. Before you dig into your architectural plans, work with experts in land surveying in Mobile, AL to determine the topography of your land.
  • Environmental impact: How will your plans impact the ecosystem of your property and the surrounding environment? Land surveying in Mobile, AL can assess this impact. You’ll know in advance whether plans are feasible and what precautions you must take to minimize risk to the environment and create sustainable solutions.
  • Mortgage requirements: If you will be taking out a mortgage on a property, or if there is already a mortgage on the property, you may be required to get a land survey. By working with experts in land surveying in Mobile, AL, you’ll be able to satisfy these requirements.
  • Easements and encroachments: You don’t want any legal surprises down the line. Property disputes can result in expensive lawsuits. A land survey will reveal any issues with perimeter encroachments and easements. You’ll know from the outset if a neighbor’s fence is on your property or if the utility company can dig up your lot if needed in the future for developments or repairs.
  • ALTA surveys: These commercial surveys include both land surveying in Mobile, AL and a title search. They are designed to satisfy the requirements of title companies, businesses and lenders for valuable commercial property transactions. In many situations, it is critical to obtain an ALTA survey in Mobile, AL to complete the transaction and protect the property owner from future risk.

Protect Your Investment

When you need expert insight for land surveying in Mobile, AL, turn to the professionals at Polysurveying. Family owned and operated for three generations, we specialize in surveying for commercial projects, including land surveys, boundary surveys, elevation and topographical surveys, construction layout and staking surveys. Our mission is to provide fast and reliable service while maintaining the quality of work our clients have come to expect from our team. Reach out to us today to make arrangements for your next survey.

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