When and Why You Should Get Your Land Surveyed Again

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Land surveys are useful for a variety of reasons beyond just establishing the exact locations of property boundaries. For example, they create a record of the property’s physical state, and all of the rights associated with it. Just because the boundaries do not change, then, doesn’t mean there aren’t changes to the way a particular piece of land is used, or that there aren’t changes to adjacent properties that could somehow affect that piece of land.

This is why it can be beneficial to get a new survey every so often—old surveys do not reflect all of the changes that have occurred to the land outside of boundary considerations.

Here’s some information about land surveying in Mobile, AL and why having a new survey performed might be a good idea.

A reminder of what surveys cover

If you’ve had a survey performed on your property before or have the documents from a survey ordered by a previous owner of your property, then you have a good sense of what exactly the survey will cover. Basically, the first part of the survey identifies the boundaries of the property based on public records. After that, the surveyor maps out improvements on the property within the boundaries of that land, and maps out easements that cross the property and any encroachments that exist where other properties infringe on the surveyed property.

What can change from one survey to another?

As already stated, the boundaries of your property will likely not change from survey to survey. However, there could be changing issues with the usage of the land. There could be a new building that went up since the last survey, or your neighbors might have added buildings or other improvements that cross over your property line. One old easement may have been put out of use, but another one might have been created (such as a new foot path or driveway).

There are even some circumstances in which the boundaries of the property could change, such as the owner of the property adjusting the lot line with a neighbor, or the city pushing the front of a lawn back several feet to widen a street in the area.

Why can’t I just use an old survey?

Reusing an old survey typically won’t be helpful, because it will not reflect any changes that could have occurred to the property or the properties surrounding it. This depends on the age of the survey, of course, but there are some circumstances in which a property has not be surveyed since the first owner, or since a building was constructed on the land.

You don’t need to get a survey redone every couple of years. But if you have made any changes to the property in the time of your ownership, or have a copy of a previous survey you know to be outdated, it can be beneficial to order a new one.

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