Good Fences Make for Good Neighbors

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If you have neighbors in close proximity to you in your neighborhood, you might at some point have the idea of installing a privacy fence of some sort. There’s nothing wrong with doing this—you have the right as a homeowner to build these structures as long as they’re up to code and as long as they’re on your property.

That second note is important—if the fence is going to be running along the border of your property, you need to be absolutely certain where your property line lies so you don’t accidentally build on your neighbor’s property. This is a serious issue because, if you install a fence that crosses over the property line and onto your neighbor’s land, you could be subject to a lawsuit and to fines by your local municipality.

In many municipalities across the country, you’re actually required by law to get a land survey before you can install a border fence on your property. But even if you’re not under any legal obligation to have a survey done, it’s still highly recommended that you make the investment in land surveying in Mobile, AL—it will cost you significantly less to have a survey done and know that you’re getting the job done correctly than it would to wind up as the target of a lawsuit by your neighbor or fines by your municipality. Plus, if you end up installing the fence on your neighbor’s property, even after these fines and lawsuits you’ll still have to pay to have the fence torn down and reinstalled in the correct location.

Why you need the assistance of a professional land surveyor

So why exactly is it so important that you work with a professional land surveyor when building a fence? Why can’t you just make your best guess as to where your property line lies?

You should keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to determine what the legal boundary is for your property just by looking at it with the naked eye. Even if there’s a fence contractor who’s worked on your property in the past, they won’t for sure be able to tell you where the property line is located unless they’ve worked with a surveyor.

A survey tells you exactly where the line is based on information that’s been filed with your local zoning board and with the property’s title company. There may also still be historical markers on your property, such as buried stakes or other old-fashioned property line markers that can give you some additional guidance.

In any case, a professional survey is the only way you can guarantee there will not be potential for an incorrectly installed and located fence. It is absolutely worth the investment to make sure you get the job done correctly the first time so you can avoid paying out more than you need to for the job.

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