Why Is Land Surveying in Mobile, AL Important?

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If you aren’t familiar with land development, boundary disputes or property sales, you might not fully understand the importance of land surveying in Mobile, AL. However, land surveying is actually very important for a wide variety of property owners, and there are a number of benefits that land surveying can offer you. It’s important to find out more about land surveying so that you can determine whether you should invest in this service.

What is land surveying?

Land surveying is a process that’s conducted by a certified surveyor who utilizes specialized tools, sophisticated technology and research to determine the measurements, configuration, size, topography and layout of a piece of land. Land surveyors work in the field and in the office to create a comprehensive report that’s informed by as much data and detail as possible. Thanks to the sophisticated technology that surveyors have access to, like drones and GPS, modern surveys are typically very detailed, accurate and reliable.

Why does it matter?

At every stage of land development, division, selling and purchasing, land surveyors play a crucial role. Land surveys must take place before most major deals on a property can be completed. They must be conducted by a professional surveyor who can provide an objective assessment for the purposes of reporting property information to government entities and providing information to financial institutions, buyers, sellers and other stakeholders.

Land surveying in Mobile, AL is also important because it helps facilitate land development. During a construction survey, a surveyor can establish physical markers to designate certain features, utilities, plans and topography. Adding these markers enables property owners to effectively plan for future division and development. This is an important aspect of the development process, since it lays the groundwork for future construction and ensures a successful permitting process.

Another important benefit of land surveying is the fact that it can be used to settle boundary disputes. If there is some disagreement between you and your neighbors about where your properties’ boundaries are actually located, you need a third party to establish the physical boundaries of your property. A boundary surveyor can use information from property deeds, municipal records and other data sources to determine the actual legal boundaries of a property. This helps property owners avoid acrimonious boundary disputes and legal proceedings over property lines.

Land surveying isn’t important for only a single purpose—it offers a number of benefits for property owners, buyers, developers and businesses. There are a wide variety of different situations that warrant professional land surveying in Mobile, AL, and this continues to be an essential service throughout the world.

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