Benefits of Using an Aerial Drone in Mobile, AL for Real Estate and Construction Development

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Drone technology is becoming more popular and prevalent in a wide variety of applications, both for commercial purposes and simply for fun. One field that has greatly benefited from drone technology is land surveying in Mobile, AL, where drones are often used in early phases of land development and construction and to provide accurate surveys for these contractors.

Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of the land development and construction industry that have been positively influenced and affected by the rise in use of aerial drones in Mobile, AL.

Building surveys

Most construction projects that involve working with existing facilities begin with a building survey. To be able to carry out an effective and thorough building survey, workers must be able to thoroughly analyze the condition of the building’s roof and check for defects or faults that might exist up there. Depending on the type of building, it’s not always easy to get access to the roof of a building, and in some cases can even be unnecessarily dangerous.

Therefore, using drones to get up high and perform the survey is much safer and easier, and takes significantly less time. There are some minor challenges to consider, such as the requirement of having at least two people operating any commercial drone, and the expense associated with purchasing a drone in the first place. However, the investment pays for itself fairly quickly in this field of work, and it’s much safer and more efficient to have two people working the drone than it is to have two people trying to get on top of a roof that may or may not be entirely safe to walk on.

Site mapping

For new construction areas, mapping out the construction site is an important early part of the development process. Historically, this has been a long, difficult process that requires a lot of skill and time. In the past, companies have had planes or helicopters fly over the site to take photos. But with the rise of drone technology, it’s become much easier to get up high and map out sites without having to put the investment into these helicopters or planes, and without having to put all the time, energy and labor cost into trying to accurately map the site from the ground.

Site inspections

While the construction is in progress, you might need to occasionally inspect the construction site just to make sure all processes are being carried out safely and properly. Of course, inspecting a busy construction site can be dangerous. Aerial drones in Mobile, AL make the process safer and more efficient by getting up high and staying out of the way of workers, giving you a great vantage point without interrupting anything that’s happening in the workplace and without posing an unnecessary safety risk to people working on the site.

For more information about the benefits of drones for land surveying in Mobile, AL, contact the team at Polysurveying today. We look forward to answering your questions!

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