The Differences Between Construction Surveying and Land Surveying in Mobile, AL

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When it comes to buying, selling, developing or subdividing land, surveys are crucial. Construction surveying and land surveying in Mobile, AL establish the boundaries and specifications of a piece of property for a variety of different reasons. Depending on why you are investing in a survey, what kind of property you want to have surveyed and your specific needs, you will likely need to choose between a construction survey and a boundary survey. Understanding the basic differences between these two options can help you make the best choice possible for your property.

Land surveying

Land surveys are conducted by a professional surveyor who is trained to use specialized tools and methods to determine the legal boundaries of a property. They are commonly requested by people who are about to sell or purchase a piece of land, since they establish the true boundaries of a property. Land surveys are also frequently conducted to resolve boundary disputes between neighbors.

Land surveyors utilize measurement tools and research property records and documentation to assess the legal boundaries of a property. Land and boundary surveying in Mobile, AL allows you to get a much more accurate description of your property that you can use to list your property for sale or prepare it for development. Land surveying has been done informally for thousands of years, and it continues to serve an important purpose in modern societies across the world.

Construction surveying

While construction surveying is similar in many ways to land surveying, there are a couple of key distinctions between the two. A land survey is typically simple and straightforward and helps establish the physical boundaries and specifics of a plot for the purposes of selling, buying or resolving boundary disputes. A construction survey, on the other hand, is intended to facilitate the development process.

Construction surveyors possess a lot of the same skills as land surveyors, but they also have additional expertise in site layout and development. With this added experience, a construction surveyor can offer an accurate survey for a wide variety of properties and projects, ranging from bridge construction to subdivision. Construction surveyors are also hired by private and public entities that want to develop underground utilities, pipelines and other infrastructure.

During a construction survey, surveyors typically stake out specific areas to designate sites for construction and development. These physical markers help establish space for utilities, concrete slabs, new construction, proposed boundaries and more. The most significant difference between construction surveys and land surveys is the intended outcome of the survey.

Schedule boundary surveying in Mobile, AL

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