The Benefits of Aerial Drone Surveying in Mobile, AL for Your Development Projects

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Are you familiar with aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL? If you’re not taking advantage of this technology for your development projects, you’re missing out. This innovative method of surveying offers multiple benefits.

How can your next project benefit from aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL? Following are the top six advantages:

  • Progress tracking: During a development project, the site changes daily. With this constant flux comes the need for monitoring progress. Project managers need to be able to see the frequent changes. Aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL makes this viewing simple and convenient. Rather than sending out ground survey teams several times each month and waiting for their reports to come in, a drone can quickly fly over the site and collect the necessary data. In minutes, the project manager and stakeholders have the information they need to remain up to date on the project’s progress.
  • Improved accuracy: Often, project sites are hard to access. Existing infrastructures or land formations may make it hard to reach the site or its surrounding property. Drones can access heights and tight spots that would otherwise be difficult to reach. This makes site research and assessment more accurate, since project managers can obtain a more thorough picture of the site and its surroundings.
  • Simplified volume calculations: How much dirt will construction crews need to move? How many holes need to be filled? Earthwork volume calculations are made easier with aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL. These devices speed up the research and provide more detailed information, so project managers can better calculate the earthwork needed for completion.
  • Convenient elevation and altitude research: Any development project requires elevation mapping. Drones make this process easier. Drones can also offer high-altitude views of land masses or buildings. By saving time and money on this mapping process, project managers have a bigger budget for other aspects of the development.
  • Marketing images: Development projects often involve intensive marketing efforts. Project managers might need to promote the land development to investors or sell newly built structures to residential or commercial buyers. Drones are the perfect tool to capture aerial images to use in these efforts. Dramatic overviews and panoramic images are ideal for marketing purposes, and these shots are easy to achieve with an aerial drone.
  • Multi-tasking: Aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL allows work crews to multi-task. For example, a land surveyor can create a flight plan for the drone, then launch the machine to complete the survey. While the drone is working on this task, the surveyor can work on other aspects of the development project.

Enhance Your Next Development

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