What Is Topographical Surveying in Mobile, AL?

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Property owners should carefully assess the value that is in their land. After all, for most of us, our property is our largest investment. It’s important to survey the boundaries of the land, but there is value in surveying its topography as well. Experienced surveying companies in Mobile, AL should be able to provide many different types of land surveys. Topographical surveying in Mobile, AL may be essential for your next project.

What is a Topographical Land Survey?

A topographical land survey is primarily concerned with the manmade and natural features on the land itself. This is in contrast with a typical land survey, which is primarily concerned with property lines. The topographical land survey should show in detail the contours of the land as well as any structures built upon it. The following will be included on the survey:

  • fences
  • buildings
  • trees
  • streams
  • hills
  • ravines
  • ponds

Details such as the size, height and location of these types of features are included on the survey. The topographic survey will also include any contours or gradual changes in elevation. While a property survey will show you the boundaries and measurements of your land, the completed topographical survey will be presented as a richly layered, detailed topographical map.

How a Topographical Land Survey is Conducted

A surveying company in Mobile, AL conducting a topographical land survey will be using the latest in technology. The company will take measurements at the property using a state-of-the-art surveying-quality GPS unit. An electronic EDM instrument may also be used. The measurements are recorded in advanced computer programs to create digital maps. Then a CAD (computer aided design) engineer uses the software to overlay the manmade improvements onto the natural elevation and other natural features to create the survey. The survey will be available to its user in both print and digital forms.

Uses for Topographical Land Surveys

The topographical land survey has many uses that are quite different from a typical land survey. A topographic land survey is typically used because there is going to be a project on the land. If there is to be a construction project on the land, whether it is a roadway or a castle, it will need to begin with a topographic land survey. Engineers and architects need to take the existing conditions of the land into consideration when designing new structures upon the land.

Topographic land surveys are also used in projects such as grading, drainage ditches or parkland. If a government agency is looking at establishing regulatory requirements or an environmental restoration, the agency may also use a topographical land survey. Redeveloped land, such as an abandoned shopping mall or factory, or land to be restored after a natural disaster, often requires a topographical land survey.

Surveying Companies in Mobile, AL

Topographical surveying in Mobile, AL is an important job. A company with uncompromisingly high standards, exceptional skill and decades of experience is a must when choosing a surveying company. Consider getting in touch with the team at Polysurveying. Family owned and in business since 1972, we are your state-of-the-art surveying company in Mobile, AL. Give us a call today to find out how we can conduct a topographical survey of your property.

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