How Drones Increase the Efficiency of Land Surveying

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Drone technology is continuing to innovate and disrupt a number of industries, from military surveillance to food delivery. Additionally, drones are becoming increasingly useful in a number of applications related to land surveying. Savvy surveying companies in Mobile, AL, for instance, are using drones to improve the accuracy of their survey results and increase overall efficiencies within their operations.

There are a number of benefits to working with a company specializing in aerial drone surveying. When land surveying in Mobile, AL is performed using the help of drones, it’s often more affordable than traditional surveying methods. Additionally, the results of land surveying performed with drone assistance are also available for review much more rapidly.

Here are just a few of the benefits associated with drone land surveying:

  • Survey speed: The most immediate benefit of drone surveying technology reaped by both clients and surveying companies in Mobile, AL is the rapidity with which drones can complete land surveys. Thanks to drone technology, a site can be successfully and accurately mapped in a matter of hours. Traditionally, it would take days or even weeks to map a large plot of land.
  • Assessment cost: Because drones are able to complete work much more quickly and efficiently than human surveyors, the cost of an accurate assessment is substantially lower than it was in previous years. Drones require less time, work and equipment than a traditional land survey. When you invest in a drone-powered land survey, you’ll get a better bang for your buck, compared to human surveying operations. This will leave extra room in your budget for site remediation and more.
  • Toolkit simplicity: In the past, surveyors needed to carry infrared reflectors, theodolites, GPS trackers and more. Now, surveys are often completed with the use of a single tool: a drone, equipped with high-quality cameras and a built-in GPS unit. This means that surveying companies in Mobile, AL are able to complete surveys more rapidly, and with a lower margin of error.
  • Employee safety: Drones can accurately render the topography and extent of your site. This means that your employees will be more accurate prepared to deal with the true nature of your site than they otherwise may be. Additionally, drone surveying technology increases the safety of land surveyors. Rather than spending weeks on end plotting a single site, most surveyors can now complete their assessment from the comfort of a truck or mobile office.

For more than four decades, Polysurveying has been one of the most trusted land surveying companies in Mobile, AL. We provide each and every one of our clients with a high-quality assessment of their property’s topography, boundaries and more. We’re proud to use the latest and most accurate aerial surveillance technology during our land surveying operations. We also use cutting-edge GPS technology and robotic surveying methods.

If you’d like a quick, accurate and skillful assessment of your property in the greater Mobile area, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today. We’re capable of performing assessments of both residential and corporate properties.

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