How Drone Technology Saves Time in Surveying

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Drone technology is disrupting a number of industries, from delivery to agriculture. Did you know that drones are also changing the way that surveyors conduct land analysis? Unmanned aircraft are now capable of performing highly accurate, highly effective and highly efficient surveys in record time. Savvy survey operators across the nation are incorporating drones into their workflow in order to provide their clients with top-notch, highly accurate land assessments. If you are looking for a survey company to work with, you should identify surveying companies in Mobile, AL that utilize drones.

There are a number of benefits that using drone technology in your site survey can offer. Here are just some of the reasons that surveyors in Mobile, AL are now incorporating drone technology into their workflows:

  • Provides large-scale context: One of the most significant advantages to using drone technology in land surveying is that it allows your surveyor and you to observe your property from a “big picture” perspective. If you can accurately and rapidly glance the entirety of your property and its surroundings thanks to drone technology, you can get a better sense of how to present and plan any proposed projects you may have in the works.
  • More effective budgeting: Using drones in surveying simply allows you to take your dollars further. Drones can perform a task in less than an hour that it would take several weeks for human crews to perform. This means that when you hire a surveyor in Mobile, AL that uses drones in their surveying strategy, you are probably paying less for a higher quality and more effective assessment of your land and its surroundings.
  • Ground map generation: Drones are capable of doing much more than taking high-quality videos and images. This means that you can count on drones to generate accurate, high-quality maps of your site, often in real time. Combined with ground data gathered by the surveying crew, drone maps can also be used to create topographical maps and assessments of your land.
  • Storytelling capabilities: Because drones are equipped with powerful sensors and cameras, you can use the video and photographic capabilities of your drone surveying equipment to tell your project’s story. This can be particularly effective if you are presenting your project to investors or local stakeholders. Investing in drone surveying can help you spread the message about your project and its scale.

Polysurveying has been among the premier surveying companies in Mobile, AL for more than four decades. We provide all of our clients with high-quality, highly accurate land assessments. You can count on us to provide you with the data you need to make informed, educated decisions about your land and the way that you use it.

We are some of the only surveyors in Mobile, AL that utilize drones to provide our clients with highly efficient and effective surveying services. We work with landowners and business operators of all industries and sectors. To learn more about our extensive range of services, contact one of our friendly representatives today.

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