Benefits of Drone Technology in ALTA Surveys

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Surveys allow landowners to understand their property boundaries in a more meaningful and effective way. The most detailed surveys are prepared by a licensed surveyor in accordance with the rules established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA). ALTA surveys are the gold-standard in land surveying methods. Whatever the reason for your survey, ALTA surveys will provide you with accurate and dependable information.

Reasons to use ALTA surveys

Here are just some of the reasons you should work with a land surveyor in Mobile, AL that uses ALTA survey methods:

  • Standardization: ALTA ensures that all of the ALTA-compliant surveys follow a standardized set of guidelines and regulations. This means that regardless of the company you hire to perform your ALTA survey, you can rely on the information coming in a clear and concise packaging.
  • Familiarity: The ALTA standard is known and recognized by lawyers, local officials and other types of land managers across the country. You can count on ALTA survey information being interpreted the same way by all of the involved parties in your land deliberations.
  • Encroachments shown: It’s easy to see encroachments and easements on ALTA documentation. This means that officials can more easily and effectively determine if a neighboring entity is illegally using portions of your land. The ability to show encroachments is an exceptionally valuable component of ALTA standards.
  • Consistency: ALTA surveys save you the hassle of determining the scope of work you are hiring your surveyor to provide. Because ALTA surveys are standardized, you can rely on surveyors who use ALTA standards to perform consistently and accurately. This saves you time and money.

Benefits of drones

Recent technological advances are making ALTA surveys more accessible, affordable and expedient than ever before. Unmanned flying vehicles, known to most consumers as drones, are changing the way that surveyors observe and analyze land. That means that you can now rely on drone technology to provide you with quick and accurate assessments of your property, its boundaries and its topography.

High-quality image data, gathered by drones, is compiled together with ground information by surveyors to produce a rapidly available and exceedingly accurate picture of your land and its status. Drone technology makes ALTA surveys less expensive to perform, easier to obtain and more efficient.

While weather events may affect the surveyor’s ability to use drones, the benefits of using drones ultimately always far outweigh their drawbacks. For instance, in most cases the surveyor can provide you with the finalized survey data by the end of the day on which the survey is conducted.

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