How LiDAR Aerial Drone Surveying in Mobile, AL Is Affecting Multiple Industries

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With all that is possible these days, we have been seeing a rise in the use of drones for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from personal use to commercial land surveying. But what is this you’ve been hearing about LiDAR for drones? It’s true, this groundbreaking technology is already changing the way we see the world. And although using drones instead of airplanes is a fairly new land surveying technique, it’s been yielding excellent results.

About LiDAR

LiDAR was originally a combination of the words “light” and “radar,” but today is an acronym that includes light detection and ranging, or light imaging, detection and ranging. If you are not too familiar with LiDAR, it’s a technology that lends a hand to land surveying, and it’s a method that measures the distance to a target on the ground using a pulsed laser light to illuminate the target. What’s used to make digital 3D workups of the target are the differences in the amount of time it takes for the laser to make its way back. It works almost like sonar.

Now, let’s take a look at how LiDAR aerial drone surveying in Mobile, AL is affecting a variety of industries.

Surveying and mapping

Many industries rely on accurate 3D maps to ensure proper planning and a view of where their work will be done. Various industrial applications use LiDAR to create 3D maps for things like stockpile measurements, tracking resources and measuring roadways under traffic—this is when measuring is done while vehicles are driving on the roads. Mining operations also use LiDAR technology for such tasks as measuring the ore volumes for mining. Large industrial projects and other building projects also benefit from 3D topographical mapping. In regards to industrial applications, keep in mind that LiDAR is often used in conjunction with photogrammetry.


LiDAR finds areas on farmland where there may be an overuse of fertilizer, and creates elevation maps of farmlands to be converted to slope and sunlight exposure area maps. Why do farmers need this type of layered information from LiDAR? Because it can be used to create crop production maps to help farmers save fertilizer and to optimize their efforts.


Today, the field of archaeology can utilize drone technology to locate a variety of sites worthy of excavation. Coupled with LiDAR, archaeologists are better equipped to find new ruin sites and all this technology can be used to further their understanding of existing archaeological sites all over the world. Amazingly, LiDAR allows archaeologists to get a clearer view of what’s there without having to dig, which is especially beneficial when there’s a possible risk of destroying delicate ruins under the ground.

Polysurveying is taking it to the skies. We are launching the LiDAR format now and into the future to set ourselves apart from larger and mid-sized surveying businesses. We will begin offering this service in April of 2018 to all of our current and future clients. Call us to learn more about our aerial drone surveying service in Mobile, AL!

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