Reasons to Subdivide Your Property

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Subdividing your property can be a complicated and daunting task. However, it’s often a task worth undertaking. If you are looking for ways to maximize your property and make the most of your existing assets, you should strongly consider consulting with a professional land surveyor in Mobile, AL. Landowners may choose to subdivide their property for a number of reasons. Commercial landholders, for instance, may choose to subdivide so that they can obtain different zoning designations for certain parts of their property. There are a number of reasons residential property owners may want to consider subdividing their lots. Subdivision carries... View Article

How LiDAR Aerial Drone Surveying in Mobile, AL Is Affecting Multiple Industries

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With all that is possible these days, we have been seeing a rise in the use of drones for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from personal use to commercial land surveying. But what is this you’ve been hearing about LiDAR for drones? It’s true, this groundbreaking technology is already changing the way we see the world. And although using drones instead of airplanes is a fairly new land surveying technique, it’s been yielding excellent results. About LiDAR LiDAR was originally a combination of the words “light” and “radar,” but today is an acronym that includes light detection and ranging,... View Article