The Benefits of LiDAR Technology for Surveying in Mobile, AL

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While you may be familiar with the concepts of land surveying, interferrometry, GPS and photogrammetry, these are not the only ways to collect topographic data—LiDAR technology is another method. But what exactly is this technology? LiDAR is big in many industries, especially the automotive and construction industries, due to its detailed and accurate data collection abilities. Thanks to LiDAR’s many advantages, it’s currently one of the most sought after remote sensing technologies in the world.

Here are some of the major benefits of utilizing LiDAR technology for surveying in Mobile, AL:

  • Quick data collection: You want accurate data, but you also would like to get it as quickly as possible. With LiDAR’s airborne sensing technology, most all data collection is not only fast, but provides extremely high accuracy too. This is made possible due to a positional advantage.
  • Able to collect data from challenging areas: Being an airborne data collector means LiDAR can fly over all types of terrain and landscapes. In addition to this, LiDAR technology has high penetrative abilities, so it can collect elevation data from dense forest areas. Mapping challenging forests is no problem for LiDAR!
  • Higher sample density: Compared to other methods of topographic data collection, like photogrammetry or GPS, LiDAR gives a much higher surface density. While it’s a great method for many different applications, this technology greatly improves data collection results for certain applications in particular, such as flood plain delineation.
  • Versatile with other data sources: If you work with or rely on other data collection sources, but are interested in all that LiDAR technology has to offer, you’re in luck. You can rest assured that LiDAR is a versatile technology that can be integrated with many other data sources, making it easier to analyze even the most complex data automatically.
  • Automated processes: Unlike surveying, photogrammetry and other methods of collecting data, LiDAR technology relies very little on human control. It has minimal human dependence because most of the processes are automated. Because of this, valuable time is saved during the data collection analysis phase.
  • Holds strong in extreme weather: Where some of the other data collection methods fall short, LiDAR technology thrives. For example, it’s difficult to stop LiDAR from doing its job in weather conditions such as blazing sunlight, cold rain and other elements. Even through harsh conditions this technology will collect the data that’s needed and send it back for analysis.
  • Affordable: Are you looking for a less expensive method of data collecting that’s also fast and accurate? Why not consider LiDAR technology! This is an affordable option for remote sensing in many different applications, especially when you need to survey a vast area of land.

Polysurveying is taking it to the skies. We are launching this format now and into the future to set ourselves apart from larger and mid-sized surveying businesses. We are launching LiDAR services in April of 2018 to all of our existing and future clients. Give us a call today to learn more about utilizing LiDAR technology for surveying in Mobile, AL!

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