Is Surveying Your Property Worth the Cost?

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Do you know exactly where your property ends and begins? Are you sure about that? A fence doesn’t always mark the exact property lines. Many homeowners go about their day-to-day lives never realizing they might not be getting the most out of their property due to an improperly placed boundary marker. The only true way to know the exact size of the land is by hiring a licensed land surveyor. Every home, building or property sale should never be completed without a professional survey conducted by a registered land surveyor. This simple step can save potential buyers from steep legal fees and lots of headaches down the road.

But you may be wondering whether a property line survey in Mobile, AL is really worth the cost. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways land surveying can actually save you money:

  • Ensuring accurate boundaries: Many homeowners base their property lines on anecdotal information passed on from the real estate agent or a preexisting fence. A neighbor could be living on a property larger than it rightfully should be. Encroaching on property lines could have some serious side effects, including the possibility of having to tear down any offending structures and then rebuilding them within the correct boundary.
  • Determining value: A real estate surveyor in Mobile, AL should play an essential role in every home buying experience. The value of a property can be over- or underestimated without a professional survey. Always have a survey conducted before signing the deed to ensure you understand the true worth of the property based on the location, landscape details and hardscape features.
  • Preparing for new construction: Having a survey conducted before construction begins can prevent any surprises down the line. A surveyor can offer insight into the best construction placement and assist with preparation. This initial investment could potentially save the project budget thousands of dollars by catching any obstacles before they turn into a major issue.
  • Better understanding of the topography: Understanding the details of the topography is a vital step in the process of purchasing a property. A land surveyor can detect any lurking issues with the soil and structure. The survey will also provide information about whether the area is prone to flooding and any other disasters that could delay or even put a stop to

Depending on the nature and extent of the work, the cost of a survey can range anywhere from hundreds to several thousand dollars. The price can also fluctuate based on the amount of time it takes and any research required. A surveyor should be able to provide you with an estimated cost before the work ever begins.

It’s clear that surveying a property is a worthy investment when it comes to the potential cost savings. Our team at Polysurveying will ensure you’re getting the most out of your property. We can accurately survey your property so you know for certain where the property lines are located. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a land and building surveyor in Mobile, AL!

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