An Overview of the Construction Layout Services Offered by Our Building Surveyor in Mobile, AL

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As we approach the end of the year, new housing throughout the Gulf Coast region is on an upward swing. We at Polysurveying are well positioned to assist clients throughout Alabama in construction layout services of new homes to help you get your project off the ground. Our team prides itself on providing fast, reliable services to facilitate all of our homebuilders’ needs to ensure their projects are a success.

One of the services we provide that is of most use to people engaged in new construction projects is construction layout surveying. This is the process of interpreting construction plans and then staking the location of where these proposed structures will stand. This works to ensure each project is built according to its specific engineered plans.

What does the real estate surveyor do?

The accuracy of construction layout surveying is imperative in the success of a construction project. Therefore, it is important for anyone beginning a new building project to seek the assistance of an experienced, trained and licensed surveyor to ensure accuracy and reliability in the resulting construction staking.

During the development of the site, the construction layout surveyor is responsible for taking the design provided by the engineer or architect and staking the correct location of the building on the ground so the sub-contractors can then place all buildings, roads, fences and various utilities (above ground and underground) in their proper location. The conducting of a property line survey in Mobile, AL is a critical part of this process.

Construction staking typically consists of the following types of staking:

  • Rough grade staking: Rough grade staking is used to map out the location of improvements being implemented at a construction site on a more general level. The location of these improvements is defined with their respective reference to the final grade elevation and the location. This process is used for constructing slopes, parking lots, roadways and building outlines, and helps the contractor better grade and prepare the site before the next sub-contractor comes in to begin work on the project.
  • Site layout staking: After the site has been put through a successful inspection by the local agency in charge of such inspections, the contractor is able to then move into the stages of building underground utilities, retaining walls, parking lots, buildings, site lighting and street paving. Here, the staking is much more precise to ensure the accuracy of these building projects once they begin.

The site layout phase often begins with features that will be placed underground, such as power lines, water lines, storm drain lines and sewer lines. After the installation of these underground utilities has been completed, above ground features are then staked and prepared for construction. Surveyors stake the building’s corners, as well as onsite items like curbs and gutters, fire hydrants, catch basins and drains.

It is important to work with a skilled professional when in need of construction layout surveying services. For more information about the types of surveying we perform at Polysurveying, contact a trusted real estate surveyor in Mobile, AL today.

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